Friday, March 4, 2016

A Year in Pictures...

Elena turns five years old today.


I mean, come on! Seriously?!!?!!! How that is possible? I don't even know. 

This past year with Elena has been an amazing year. She has blossomed & her personality has really emerged! I love the way she thinks and feels. I love the conversations we get to have. The way her mind works, she's wise beyond her years. She is confident and strong, compassionate and empathetic. She has all the traits I'd hoped she'd have.

They are also traits that, at five years old, make parenting very challenging. She's a spirited child to say the least. We have blissful days and tedious days in equal measures. Elena knows how to push my buttons and push she does. I am working everyday to be a better parent. It's exhausting...yes, yes very rewarding too...but exhausting. 

Anyway...let's look back at the last year, shall we?

March 4th, 2015

Elena learned to ride a two-wheeler this year!!

She also played her first season of soccer

Just look at those eyes...I can't determine if they are blue, hazel or green


I just love the pensive look on her face

First Day of School!!!

My Little Pony...

Her school photo...she looks like she's in Grade 1 not JK!!

I took Elena to see The Nutcracker...she started ballet herself this year & loved the show very much!

My little island princess in Punta Cana

I found this photo on my iPad. Where did she learn the duck face???

I am so proud of my little girl & the person she is becoming. She inspires me to be a better mother...but more than that, a better person. I love her more than I ever imagined possible.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I can't believe she is 5 already!! They grow up fast!!

  2. She and L share the same birthday. Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow 5 already!?! Happy Birthday!

  4. Elena has such a sweet soul - someone I would want to be friends with and hope my girls would be friends with. (So we'll have to arrange another SMC camping trip out west and entice you out again!) It's heartwarming how much delight you clearly take in your girl. Happy Birthday Elena!

    1. Yes! I hear whispers in my head, "Go west, young woman" ;)

  5. Great pictures! Looks like another awesome year for Elena and you!!

  6. Happy birthday Elena, and congrats to YOU on one more year of raising that spirited girl! I love how she seems to be so at home in her body and how engaged she is in movement!

    Tara (mom to an almost 5yo too!)


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