Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Late!!

Since I am neither TTC nor engaging in sexual activity of any kind for that matter, this is only significant to mention because my cycles have been wonky for a while & I want to talk about it.

Before TTC in 2010, my cycles were very regular, like clockwork, 28 days bang on. Upon getting my BFP in June 2010, I didn’t have another period until January 2012. They started out pretty normal until last year. They started getting shorter, averaging 24-25 days. They were light & only mildly crampy with barely there PMS symptoms.

This was during a time I was trying to reconcile myself to being one & done. It was a factor in helping me get to acceptance as I thought my body was telling me that it wouldn’t have happened anyway. It felt like easy logic.

I started getting vicious PMS…I’m talking major hormonal meltdowns. I felt out of control emotionally, like a raging lunatic. It reminded me of when I was pregnant & when I weaned Elena. It felt more than PMS too. It wasn’t just in the days leading up to my period either. It seemed to rear up around ovulation. I couldn’t trust myself. I convinced myself I was heading into perimenopause.

Then my cycles started inching back to 28 days and for the first time since before getting pregnant, I started getting tender breast, tender being an understatement. I mean, my girls! Ouch! It all felt like my body was primed for conception.

For months now time feels like it is on fast forward. Time feels marked by my cycles. One just seems to end when another starts. Even though I’m not TTC, I feel this pressure like I should be. That each month that passes is a waste of a last chance. A monthly reminder of what could have been. It’s frustrating because I’m truly content now with it being Elena & I. I do feel our family is complete.

I am now 3 weeks away from the first anniversary of my 39th birthday…oh fine, make me say it! My 40th birthday! I am, for all intents & purposes, comfortable in turning 40. Turning 30 was extremely hard because I was nowhere near where I thought I would have or should have been. Now, I have everything I’d hoped for…well except for romantic love but there’s still time for that….Any-hoooo, basically it feels like I’m living the dream…my dream, & then every month I get zapped, testing my resolve. I blame the hormones.


  1. I could have written this myself! I just turned 40, and desperately wanted a second. It did not happen, and I was unwilling to go to IVF with the results I was getting. Seemed a waste of money for such low odds. But now....every month I wonder. I wonder SO HARD. Should I???? And COULD I, even if I wanted to? Sigh.

  2. I am TTC, and suddenly having wonky cycles which are making me question if this is possible! Maybe there is something going around? Maybe the ocean's tides are slightly irregular and throwing the moon phases off and making us all a bit crazy ;)

  3. Yep, I've had cycle shortening going on for years now and even if you're not trying, it's still hard to accept that your fertility is winding down. For those ladies who have commented and wonder if it's still possible, even with low odds, I guess I'm living proof that it is!

    Anyway, I'm sorry the hormones are causing you such grief. I wish I knew of a fix for that. If you find one, let me know!

  4. I know that feeling so well!
    Always when I think I can give up on TTC that knocks me sideways.

    Happy birthday! Hope you have some nice plans to celebrate

  5. Oh, these milestone birthdays prompt a lot of reflection on where we've been and where we're going, don't they?

    I, too, hope you've got something special planned to celebrate.

  6. Happy birthday in advance! Hormones can really throw curve balls.

  7. Aaah, hormones.

    So what will you be doing to mark your birthday? Trip? Party? Day of eating nothing but cake?


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