Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney World - Day 2

Day 2 at Disney started very early. I didn't have a good sleep & was slow moving. I knew we had to get down early for breakfast in order to make it for magic hours at Magic Kingdom. We were first on the bus & among the first at the ropes for the opening parade. We couldn't really see the show or Mickey's arrival but loved being at the head of the "parade" down Main Street. 

Only Fantasyland & Tomorrowland were open for these magic hours so we beelined it  to Fantasyland & had our pick of rides to go on. Peter Pan was our first stop. It started out well...but Elena became very scared, not by the ride itself but by the dark & loud sound effects. Upon getting off she said, "I never want to do THAT again! Ever!"

After the scare of Peter Pan, Elena needed something a little more tame so it was off to It's a Small World. She loved it. If I let her, we would have done it a dozen times...but twice was my limit! Then we had to ride the Carousel, of course!

Next stop was The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea. Elena was scared of this one too but we were prepared this time & she covered her ears & eyes during Ursula's part. Once was enough for Elena on that one. 

Next was Winnie the Pooh. I thought this one would be a hit! I mean, honey pots & Pooh Bear? What could be more tame? Well the dream sequence part scared poor Elena. Again it was the dark & the loud sound effects that did her in! Poor kiddo! 

Next stop was The Barnstormer! Now this was my kid's speed - FAST! She loves roller coasters & this one didn't disappoint! We went on it over & over...& over & over...many many times! No less than a dozen! We took a break to ride Dumbo & the Tea Cups...but always back to The Barnstormer!

We did all this until it was time for our Fastpass to meet Belle at Enchanted Tales. Elena really wanted to be in the show & was picked to be a plate...not a starring role but good enough for her! And if you asked her, she'd tell you she was the baker, lol! Not having seen Beauty & the Beast, she didn't realize the significance of being a dancing plate. 

We followed this with lunch at Be Our Guest in Belle's Castle. I found this a bit overwhelming & a little overrated but at least the food was good. It was neat how they get your lunch to you. You go in this room with a bunch of computer kiosks & you order your food. You then go into the castle & pick any table in one of the 3 rooms. Then you food get delivered to you at your table! Magic!

After lunch we were pretty exhausted but we had a Fastpass to ride Seven Dwarf's Mine ride. Since this ride is in such high demand, it seemed a waste not to go on it but we had an hour to we rode, you guessed it, The Barnstormer many more times while we waited! 

This is us on the Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train, we are in the back:
Apparently Elena enjoyed it more than I did, lol! 

We then got some snacks & took the train back to the entrance of the park. On the train we met another girl named Elena! She was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow & gave Elena a Mickey sticker. It was very cute. We don't often meet other Elenas. 

I was so dang hot! It felt like miles to walk to get to our bus stop! 

Did I mention how so dang hot it was?! By the time we got back to our room, I just about collapsed onto the bed! Elena covered me with a blanket & let me rest briefly before we got changed & went swimming. This time we checked out the Big Blue Pool. It is considered on of the best pools in all of Disney & it was fun but just so busy! And loud! I convinced Elena to check out the Cars pool. It was smaller & much more quiet & we were able to get a pylon cabana which was so fun! We spent a good two hours or more there, so nice.  

On the way back to our room, I picked us up dinner & brought it to the room to eat. It was nice to eat in the quiet instead of the bustle of the cafeteria. With Day 2 under our belts, it was off to bed for both of us! 


  1. It really does sound like a well-planned and very memorable trip. Remind me to let you plan one someday for Miss Fuss and me.

  2. Can't believe you did all that in one day! Sounds like such a great experience.


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