Friday, March 27, 2015

Elena turned four...

Elena turned 4 on March 4th! Quite a day we had celebrating! I took the day off work so I could spend the day with her. I continued our tradition of balloons on her birthday morning. While planning her birthday, Elena said she wanted to have a ballerina theme. For the life of me, I couldn’t find ballerina decorations! When I broke the news, she was accommodating & she told me instead she wanted Hello Kitty…& Elsa & Anna…& Barbie…& Paw Patrol. So that’s what I did for her…
Hello Kitty was bigger than Elena!

Paw Patrol Banner

You can't see the Barbie balloon but it's in there!


She still wanted to go to preschool that morning as they were celebrating Purim & she wanted to get to wear a costume to school! I let her open her birthday present that morning because I had bought her the Disney Elsa dress & knew she would want to wear it for school.
"Queen Elsa" ready for Purim at preschool


My Mom, Aunt & I picked Elena up after preschool & we all went for lunch at Swiss Chalet. She had been there a few weeks before & they had sung happy birthday to some patrons & so Elena insisted she wanted that too! After they did, Elena turned to me & said, “Now it’s my birthday!”


From there we headed to Elena’s favourite place…the Mall!! Elena had been talking for a while about having her ears pierced & we’d agreed to get them done for her birthday. She was very brave & took the 1st pierce with a stiff upper lip…& then refused to have the other ear done. No amount of encouraging & negotiating on my part would get her to agree to have the other ear done! Just when I was sure we’d be leaving with only 1 pierced ear, the salesperson told Elena she’d give her a lollipop if she agreed & that was enough for Elena! Elena allowed her to pierce the other ear without complaint!!
Very serious...& yes she wore her Elsa dress all. day. long.


After that, we headed over to Build-A-Bear, another thing Elena had been begging to do for eons!! I couldn’t have been more pleased by the service we received. They really made the experience special for Elena. She picked the Elsa Bear, go figure!!
Giving Elsa Bear a fluff


Then we headed home & enjoyed cupcakes. All in all it was a great day & a fun way to celebrate Elena turning 4.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Year in Pictures...

Elena is Four Years Old Today!

This was a big year for both Elena & I. Elena learning how to express herself verbally made a huge difference in our lives. Imagine being in a place where you understood the language completely yet you were unable to speak the language or make yourself understood. Imagine the frustration you would feel. That is what it was like for Elena. The speech pathologist explained this to me. She also explained that when Elena made her word attempts, it sounded in her head the way it was supposed to but the output came out sounding very differently. Imagine that frustration! You think you’re speaking the language everyone else is yet they just don’t understand you. Learning this made me admire Elena so very much. I admire that she didn’t shut down, that she never gave up & that she worked so hard to learn speech sounds so she could express herself. I could not be more proud of her.

March 4, 2014

First Haircut!

First school pageant




S'mores! Yummy!!



This is her school photo! What a little lady!

This is Elena’s “Wedding Outfit”



This past year has been my most favourite year yet. When I think my heart is full with love for Elena, it just expands larger. I never imagined loving another person so much. I will never stop being grateful for getting to be Elena’s Momma.

Happy 4th Birthday my precious Elena!