How We Got Here...

10-Oct-09:   35th Birthday...Began seriously considering becoming a Choice Mom & started doing research
Dec-09:   Decision made – Discussed intentions with my immediate family

27-Jan-10:   1st Consultation with RE

Feb-10:   Investigative Cycle

16-Feb-10:   HSG Test - Tubes all clear!

3-Mar-10:   2nd Consultation with RE - Investigative cycle revealed low progesterone & thin lining issues - decided to use Clomid & Estrace

18-Mar-10:   IUI #1 – Progesterone suppositories 2x daily - What a day that was!! Read Here

30-Mar-10:   BFP!! - 1st Beta: 23.39

1-Apr-10:   2nd Beta: 38.63

3-Apr-10:   3rd Beta: 93.24

5-Apr-10:   4th Beta: 192.4

27-Apr-10:   1st U/S - Empty gestational sac – stopped suppositories

28-Apr-10:   Miscarriage

5-May-10:   Consultation with RE – identified mild PCOS – prescribed Metformin 1500mg daily – we would use Clomid & Estrace again

2-Jun-10:   CD1 - 1st period after miscarriage

15-June-10:  Only 1 follicle growing

16-Jun-10:   IUI #2 - Progesterone suppositories 2x daily

30-Jun-10:   CD29 - BFP! - 1st Beta: 51.98

2-Jul-10:   2nd Beta: 126.6

28-Jul-10:   1st U/S - 8 weeks & Baby measured exactly 8 weeks! Heart rate 160 beats/minute - discontinued use of Metformin

10-Aug-10:   2nd U/S - 9 weeks 6 days & Baby measured 10 weeks 2 days! Heart rate 160 beats/minute

1-Sep-10:   3rd U/S - 13 weeks & Baby measured 13 weeks 2 days! Heart rate 160 beats/minute – discontinued Progesterone at 12 weeks

7-Sep-10:   1st Midwife Appt - Heard Baby's heartbeat for the 1st time with Doppler

12-Oct-10:   Midwife Appt - Heard Baby's heartbeat again
                    - 4th U/S revealed a Baby Girl (probably) measuring 19 weeks 2 days with a strong heart rate of 160 beats/minute

11-Nov-10:    Midwife Appt - Baby's heart still beating strong & could hear Baby kicking away.
14-Dec-10:   3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (standard in Ontario) – All good!

15-Dec-10:  5th U/S @ 28 weeks - Definitely a Girl!! Strong heartbeat & estimated to be 3lbs 2oz

13-Jan-11:   6th U/S @ 32 weeks - Estimated weight: 6 lbs 2 oz - everything looks good! However, Glucose appearing in my urine & my Blood Pressure is elevated

20-Jan-11:   2nd 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test – better results than the 1st. Blood Pressure still elevated

3-Feb-11:   7th U/S @ 35 weeks - Estimated weight: 7 lbs 10 oz - Biophysical Profile scored 8/8 but Low Fluid Volume

5-Feb-11:   To Hospital for Non-Stress Test as a precaution due to Low Fluid Volume - Baby scored 10/10

7-Feb-11:   8th U/S to re-check Fluid Volume - back to normal - Scored 8/8 again on Biophysical Profile

15-Feb-11:   1st Consult with OB due to Baby measuring in the 90th percentile – he is more concerned with my rising Blood Pressure & Low Fluid readings than with estimated size of Baby

16-Feb-11:   9th U/S - BPP 8/8 - Fluid Volume Low Normal – Blood pressure still elevated, concern for pre-eclampsia -  OB advised to stop work, yeah!!

23-Feb-11:   Midwife Appt - 1st Stretch & Sweep - 1cm dilated

25-Feb-11:   10th U/S - BPP 8/8 - Fluid Volume Normal

28-Feb-11:   Midwife Appt - 2nd Stretch & Sweep - 1.5-2cm dilated - Blood Pressure still elevated & rising

2-Mar-11:   Midwife Appt for BP check, 140/100 - sent to OB - Induction decided - Cervidil inserted @ 4pm

3-Mar-11:   1:30pm - Admitted to Hospital
                      4pm - Oxytocin started
                      6:30pm - Foley Cervix Catheter inserted to assist dilation
                      8pm - Water broke - Contractions became very insense
                       1am - Foley fell out, 5cm dilated
   1:30am - Epidural administered
   1pm - 8cm dilated
  5pm - still 8cm dilated - begged for c-section, Dr advised waiting 3-4 more hours, I refused we compromised to wait just 1 more hour.
  6pm - Fully Dilated
  6:08pm - Started Pushing
  8:52pm - delivered Elena, 8lbs 5oz

Elena's Complete Birth Story Here