Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Time Next Week...

...Elena & I will just be arriving at our beautiful destination in sunny Huatulco, Mexico!
Thank you all for the excellent advice! Abby's suggestion of the reusable swim diapers was genius so I took Shannon's recommendation of the iPlay ones & have 3 on order that should be here in a day or two.
I hadn't considered bringing a stroller since ours is so big & Elena walks most of the time but it makes prudent sense to have one so I am going out Saturday to buy one of those small umbrella strollers.
Since we're going to a resort in Mexico, I couldn't chance being able to purchase diapers there & I'm not bringing Elena's carseat since we're just going from plane to bus...I have my suitcase pretty much packed & it looks like I should be able to fit everything pretty well...including bottoms, lol! It sure will be an empty suitcase coming home though!
I love Jennifer's idea of wrapping Elena's special travel presents!! I am definitely going to do that! Elena & I have been talking about the trip & I've been telling her about the airport & being on a plane & even showed her some videos of kids on a plane. I've been letting her try out the headphones & she really likes them & I think it will help calm her to be able to block out all the noise on the plane.
So any last minute advice?
Oh, & remember my Halloween post & I mentioned that Elena refused to wear her lion costume? Well look what I cam home to the other day:

And lastly...Elena is such the little helper & loves her "chores"...an example of her "helping" my Mom rake the leaves...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taking to the Skies...

Elena & I are 2 weeks away from our Great Mexican Adventure & tho I’ve been planning for a while, its crunch time. I don’t want to forget anything…nor do I want to bring too much either.

I have already promised myself that I won’t make the same mistake I’ve made on every Down South trip…packing too many clothes!! I inevitably end up wearing the same 1 or 2 outfits the whole time anyway & this time with Elena, we’ll be in our swimsuits most of the time…here’s what I’m packing for myself:

·         3 Bathing Suits

·         3 Sundresses

·         2 T-shirts

·         2 Tank tops

·         Flip Flops

·         Sun Hat

·         Plus underwear & a pair of socks

·         Pajamas

And even that seems like too much!! On the plane I am going to wear a skirt, t-shirt & hoodie so I don’t have to pack those. I think I’ll pack about the same variation of clothing for Elena.

What thru me for a loop was the realization last night that I will have to pack AT LEAST 42 diapers to get us thru the week…that’s 6 diapers a day which is generous since she’ll be in swim diapers most of the day…but then of course I have to pack at least 30 swim diapers!!
Would it be wrong if I let her go diaperless on the beach & let her pee in the ocean?

Of course there’s also the toiletries, sunscreen, etc…plus for Elena, I have to pack her blanket tho now that I think about it, I should have that on the plane for her.

Speaking of the plane…this is the part of the trip I have the most anxiety about…I couldn’t afford to purchase Elena her own seat but I did pay for an extra leg room seat. I am assuming that I am allowed to bring 1 carry on plus Elena’s diaper bag. I am going to be one of THOSE parents & I will be bringing a DVD player plus our iTouch & my iPhone with many videos for Elena to watch. I even purchased a pair of children’s headphones (with volume protection) for her. So in the carry on + diaper bag I plan to pack:

·         DVD Player/Headphones/Discs – all in its own carry case

·         A couple of soft-side story books

·         A couple of small craft ideas i.e.: pipe cleaners, foam stickers, (ideas, anyone?)

·         Sticker book & stickers – Elena loves playing with stickers

·         My wallet incl: passports, id, money, etc

·         iPhone & iTouch

·         1 swimsuit each

·         Change of clothes each

·         Diapers, wipes, cream, 1st aid stuff

·         Snacks & drinks for Elena

·         Elena’s blanket

OMG! I just had a panicked thought…they’ll let Elena carry her doll on the plane, right?!!? She has become extremely attached & there might be meltdowns all around if I have to put her doll in checked baggage…they won’t take a kid’s doll away from them, will they? WILL THEY?!!?

Okay, what have I forgotten…or not thought of…what is the best advice you have to offer? Any fool proof tips? Help?!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Study Participation

I haven’t posted properly in a while & I feel bad…it’s not that I don’t have anything to say. It’s that I’ve hit a bit of writer’s block on how to say it…


I do, however, want to mention an experience I had recently…I saw this posting on choicemoms.org & felt compelled to participate. It was a worthwhile experience & I’m glad I had the chance to share my experiences with Brandi. We had an hour long conversation, her questions were thoughtful & she showed a genuine interest in hearing what I had to share.


I would encourage you, if you also feel so compelled, to contact Brandi & share your experiences as well.


And I apologize for the fly by post but I promise to write a proper post soon…