Monday, August 22, 2011

I Need 3 Hands to Breastfeed & Other Eating Adventures

Elena has started grabbing & pinching my boob while breastfeeding…I have bruises from the pinching. Everyone warns you about the sore nipples but no one ever mentioned this grabbing & pinching! I have tried giving her a toy to hold onto…she just tosses that & grabs for my boob. I’ve tried urging her to grab my t-shirt…no dice. I miss the days she would just knead at it! It’s quite challenging to support her with one hand, support my boob with the other & bat her hand away from grabbing & pinching!
I started Elena on Rice Cereal a few weeks ago…I was naïve to think that babies just know how to eat off a spoon…I mean, every other baby I’d ever fed just did it! Of course, I wasn’t there for their first, second, tenth try either…Elena would open her mouth wide for the spoon but just as I would put it in, she’d look down at it resulting in spoonfuls ending up in her nose, cheek, forehead…I felt like such a dummy!
She’s got the hang of it now & I figured out she prefers it warm rather than cool & am working on getting the consistency of the cereal just right. I have to admit, the stuff tastes really good! I don’t mind testing the temperature with my tongue & am just a little disappointed when she eats it all without leaving me a spoonful!!
Cereal all over her face & loving it!

Getting a nose full


  1. Too cute! And you've revealed a lot! I didn't know about the boob pinching or the learning how to eat from the spoon episodes. Makes sense. Congratulations on your new milestones!

  2. Youch!! The boob pinching sounds painful! Such a cutie pie!

  3. Ouch! You're a trooper--but who wouldn't be with a little one this precious!

  4. Elena is just beautiful!! And those pictures are priceless :)

  5. Elena is adorable!! I assumed kids instinctively ate from a spoon too!

  6. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu [says Butterfly. and now to her mummy..]. My little one eats fine with a spoon, but sometimes she cracks me by having hedr mouth opened wide and not closing it, even after the spoon goes in..
    Oh and the grabbing and poking and doing this and doing that. YES, they do that lol. Though I can reassure you that one day it stops...
    And she is such a cutie :-).

  7. It gets more fun from here with the feeding. Wait until Elena is in a cute outfit and you're trying to give her blueberries while keeping her clean :) She's adorable.


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