Tuesday, November 29, 2011

100 Days...

One year ago today marked 100 days until my due date...now this year, today marks 100 days until I return to work...I'm in denial & don't want to talk about it...

I took Elena to meet Santa...

As you can see, she was none too impressed...

It was really funny actually...when we got there Elena was mesmirized by the lights & decorations & was laughing at the other children meeting Santa & seemed very excited for her turn...she loved his bells & the bells the Elf shook to get her attention, she loved Santa's beard, his faux fur cuffs & his gloved hands...she was all smiles & I was so surprised & thought we might actually get a smiling photo...until I stepped away! Oh well, I think it's pretty darn cute :)

I have new worry & stress about Elena choking...she won't eat anything bigger than a small pea & that she swallows whole without chewing. Anything bigger she pushes out with her tongue & spits it out, literally spits it! I've tried Farley cookies (which she loves to crumble up but won't eat), I've tried chopped instead of mashed bananas, I even caved & bought some organic baby food...no dice. She does, however, have no problem picking up paper or lint from the floor & trying to eat that!! Oy!

We had our awesome photographer over again to take some photos for our Christmas cards...here's the 3 shots we used...

It was also our 1st snow that day...I'm happy to have a photo of Elena's 1st experience...she was none too impressed, lol!


  1. I really laughed out loud at the one of Elena with Santa. So cute. That's how Scarlett gets whenever anyone tries to hold her. Great professional shots! Elena is such a cutie.

  2. She is too cute! The photo reminds me of the book I saw a long while ago with only pictures of how babies react to meeting Santa the first time. She fits perfectly! Just the right amount of cute and "what the heck, mom!" mashed into one.

    I haven't taken J yet. I'm a little nervous that he'll either scream and cry or blow raspberries/spit on Santa. Both of which may not translate well on film!

    I love that face in the winter photos. In the first she looks ready to take off!

  3. OMG! Classic! Thanks so much for sharing (I love the snow photo too). Actually I think she looks absolutely beautiful in the close-up with the hat!

  4. Love that picture of her standing by the wall :-).

  5. Love these pictures! She's so beautiful. and I love the I heart my single mom picture too - just adorable.

    The transition back to work is tough - but you will be okay and so will Elena. But thankfully, it's still 100 days away :)

  6. Elena's Santa photo is a classic! What a fun start to the season!

  7. My Tate was not a fan of solid food either once I tried to move him past my homemade purees. Sigh. And you know what I did with peas because like you I was worried he would swallow them?..I peeled them. Yes I 'peeled' them...each and every one...for about the first 4 months whenever he had peas. And as at that point in time (months 10-16) peas were a fave, so he got them in his lunch at least twice a week. But when I did that he started chewing them...just a thought.

    I don't know if you have this option, but I read it on Abby's blog which you probably saw, but she recommends when you first go back to work to go back on a Thursday, so it's not as much of a shock to you or Elena to be apart all day for 5 days straight. I wish I had heard of that suggestion.

    Love the Santa pic!!


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