Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marshmallows...for Breakfast

That’s what Elena had this morning.

Don’t judge.

I said no to her request for cookies, pudding & ice cream.

& I convinced her to have cherry yogurt first.

What happened to my good little eater? It’s not like she would eat just anything but she had a nice variety of foods she was happy to gobble up without complaint…now for almost 2 weeks she barely eats anything at all & is refusing even her most favourite staples!

Is this another byproduct of the terrible twos?

We did have a triad of issues pop up this week…1) her last set of molars are in. Thankfully I think that means all of them…I haven’t been able to get a good look & sticking my fingers in is dangerous stuff these days! 2) As always while Elena is teething, she’s ended up with cankers from chewing on her cheeks. 3rd) She had pinkeye this week though I don’t see how this would affect her appetite except that she of course ended up with a minor cold along with it.

I’m more of a mind to suspect that her refusal to eat is more likely another way for Elena to express her independence. Or maybe it’s a little of both…either way I refuse to make meal time a battle ground…but I won’t let her just eat junk either. If she’s willing to eat junk & refuses proper food then it’s definitely a defiance issue & not an appetite issue, right?

My strategy for this (what I hope is a) phase? I’m remembering advice our Dr gave when I was introducing solids: It is up to me to offer healthy choices & it is up to me to offer these choices frequently…it is up to her how much she eats & when. She won’t starve.

This worked then & by not forcing the issue or getting stressed out, she became a very good eater & learned this wasn’t a button she can push with me. What I hate is that sometimes the only way to get her to eat the good stuff is a promise of junk…hence the marshmallows. It was the only way I could get her to eat the yogurt...& usually she LOVES yogurt!

Of course we’re still having other issues but I do feel better equipped to deal with them. Thanks to Shannon’s review , I have ordered Happiest Toddler on the Block & upon Mel’s suggestion I also ordered No-Cry Discipline Solution. (Plus a book for Elena’s Birthday, thanks for the suggestion, Gille!)

The one thing that is working really well is Toddler speak (?) where I verbalize to Elena what she’s upset for, “Elena doesn’t want to clean up the toys” which has headed off many a tantrum lately…however there are times when she goes off & I have absolutely no idea WHY she’s so upset or WHAT set her off!! That is when my patience is shortest & frustration is highest.

I know the biggest source of Elena’s frustration stems from her lack of vocabulary…she has her own language (Elenaglish, I call it) but I only understand her a third of the time.

Like tonight at dinner, I was asking what she wanted, another strategy for eating, she’s more likely to eat something if it’s of her choosing…anyway, she’s saying “Ba”…& I have no clue what she wants! But she keeps saying it over & over so I do what I often do, I ask her to SHOW me…well she walks me down the stairs to the garage door. I’m perplexed! Until I realize she’s guided me to the freezer (we keep it in the garage)…light bulb!! I ask, “Pizza?” She squeals with delight & responds, “Uh huh, Ba!!!” REALLY??!! How the hell was I supposed to know that Ba was Pizza??

Ah, toddlers…my books can't get here fast enough!!


  1. Ba! I love it! There are days when J only wants an apple for dinner or once he wanted garlic bread for breakfast.

  2. I've heard many times that toddlers may stop eating as they are too busy with other things. It may not be twos at all. I like the idea of continuing to offer her healthy choices. Keep us posted on if the books help.

  3. We are going through exactly the same thing. I heard followed some advice tonight to offer up lots of different foods and let them choose... I did this, BB chose grated carrot and grated cheese, avocado, cucumber, beetroot, tofu, ham, and a slice of bread and butter. I was so excited and thinking wow this is brilliant - but all he actually ate was the bread and butter!!!

  4. Ah, pizza! Elsie had pizza once and now she thinks that is the only thing she'd like to eat now. And unfortunately there is apizza parlor on our corner so we pass it twice EVERY day!

  5. Meals are a big battle in my house. It must have everything to do with control and independence. Two things little ones dearly want but rarely achieve. It's so hard--on all of us!

  6. I don't think my kid has eaten a propper supper for months. Tonight it was an egg sandwich and cookies. Some days I don't have the fight left in me.

  7. Ba = pizza! That is too funny. I don't have any words of advice, your blog really gives me great insight into the world of toddlers.

  8. Glad I'm not the only one struggling with toddler eating. These terrible twos are kicking my butt.

    Thanks for reminding me about happiest toddler. I also ordered it based in Shannon's recommendation, but haven't read it yet (oops!). Not I need to check out the other book.

  9. I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner. Elena was born on my kids due date! Happy Almost Birthday!


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