Monday, January 19, 2015

I Chickened Out

I thank you all for your advice & commiseration on my last post. Two Saturdays have passed & I haven't mustered up the nerve to actually ask. Not exactly, anyway. Last week, while trying to steer the conversation towards asking resulted in a conversation about play date catastrophes. This week, I just didn't have the nerve.
I had mentioned that Elena & I had gone snow-tubing & she said how much they'd been wanting to take V but couldn't (V's mom is pregnant.) I did say we'd be more than willing to go with them, but it was more of an abstract offer than making any concrete plans.
I really like the idea of planning something at a neutral location rather than inviting them to our house. So I think I'll hold off until the weather is a bit nicer & we have more options...that'll give me more time to work up my nerve ;)


  1. It's so awkward, isn't it? Like asking someone out on a date. Blah!

  2. When the time is right, hopefully something will work out for both of you. Haha, it is like a first date!

  3. Damn. I thought we managed to wiggle out of the whole first date awkwardness for a while by becoming SMCs.

    I'll work out, I think. Keep us posted!

  4. It will work out! Just need to act on one of the "abstract" suggestions. "So let's do that next weekend" or somehting along those lines.


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