Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Year in Pictures...

Elena is Four Years Old Today!

This was a big year for both Elena & I. Elena learning how to express herself verbally made a huge difference in our lives. Imagine being in a place where you understood the language completely yet you were unable to speak the language or make yourself understood. Imagine the frustration you would feel. That is what it was like for Elena. The speech pathologist explained this to me. She also explained that when Elena made her word attempts, it sounded in her head the way it was supposed to but the output came out sounding very differently. Imagine that frustration! You think you’re speaking the language everyone else is yet they just don’t understand you. Learning this made me admire Elena so very much. I admire that she didn’t shut down, that she never gave up & that she worked so hard to learn speech sounds so she could express herself. I could not be more proud of her.

March 4, 2014

First Haircut!

First school pageant




S'mores! Yummy!!



This is her school photo! What a little lady!

This is Elena’s “Wedding Outfit”



This past year has been my most favourite year yet. When I think my heart is full with love for Elena, it just expands larger. I never imagined loving another person so much. I will never stop being grateful for getting to be Elena’s Momma.

Happy 4th Birthday my precious Elena!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you guys have a great day and great 5th year!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Elena! Love the picture post. She is adorable and quite the little lady. All the best in the coming year.

  3. 4 already?!? Seems like just yesterday we were posting on that "pregnant right now?" thread on the choicemoms site...Elena is beautiful and clearly courageous. And a great traveler to boot! All the best for both of you as you move into 4...

  4. Happy happy birthday!! Hope you both had a wonderful day together!

  5. She's precious and amazing! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to Elena!! And Happy Celebrating the Birth of your sweet baby girl to you!! Now we just need a pic or two with both mama and daughter!!! :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Elena! She's such a beautiful girl, inside and out.

  8. Happy birthday, Elena! Hope it was a wonderful day. I'm so glad you reminded us (you) of her year through pictures. She's lovely!

  9. Happy (belated) Birthday, Elena! Looks like a wonderful year. Here's to another one, and many, many, many more to come!

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday!!!
    What a gorgeous little girl!


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