Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My 1st Blogging Post

Okay, so after that oh so original title...here I go...

Lets get the background details out of the way 1st...I've been thinking about motherhood for a long time. At 35 years old, I figured my chance had passed me by & this was an unbelievable regret. Then, in October, 2 different people both of whom I admire and value their opinions, asked, "Why don't you do it on your own?" Huh.

All my knowledge about artificially getting pregnant cames from US TV so I thought it cost 10s of thousands of dollars & as a Admin Assistant, I just don't have that kind of money to spend then have a baby to support afterward...but I started doing some internet investigation...it turned out, here in Ontario, all of the tests (U/S, BT, HSG, etc) are covered by OHIP so essentially I would have to finance the purchase of sperm & the IUI procedure itself...about $1,000 per shot (pun intended, sorry :)) Well I could afford that, I could afford that a couple of times...between savings & my yearly bonus, I could actually afford this a bunch of times...then it dawned on me that I was seriously thinking about doing this!

I realized quickly that though this was my decision, I had to get my families support. Especially since I had bought a house with my Mom 2 years ago & bringing a baby into our home would definately impact her.

I was overwhelmed by her encouragement & support...she was all for it & so proud of me that she'd raised a daughter that would not just dream big but go out & actualize those dreams! After that it was easy to tell the rest of my support group who I've affectionately dubbed "My Inner Circle"...made up of my Mom, 2 aunts, my brother & sis-in-law plus my 2 closest friends...all overwhelmingly & amazingly supportive & encouraging...

So I choose a clinic, got my referral from my family Dr & met with the RE for the 1st time on Jan 27th...it was explained that I would go through an investigative cycle, have a bunch of tests & potentially try my 1st IUI au natural as early as March. I was very excited but also became woefully aware how little I knew about the process.

So back to the internet I went...but everything was geared to couples & even with my amazing Inner Circle, I was feeling so alone...after internet search after internet search & came upon a couple of websites geared to choice moms which then opened up for me the wonderful world of blogs...and the realization that I wasn't alone!! Not only wasn't I alone, but there are thousands of women who are making & have made the same choice I did, who've been through it all & I've learned so much!

So...here I am. The blogs I read were so inspiring & informative that I decided I would give a bash at it...at the very least, it's somewhere for me to express myself...and who knows, maybe I'll inspire someone like me...


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Wow, March is just around the corner! Very exciting!!
    And how wonderful to have the support of your inner circle :-).

  2. Just wanted to add a welcome too! Good luck on this journey!

  3. Hi Tiara, good to e-meet you too. And the first blog post is a great place to start so I thought I would do the same... Yours is a little more informative that mine though! See the page "the story so far" for a similar background

    I look forward to catching up on your story


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