Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go, Canada, Go

Okay, as I sit here cheering on Team Canada against Russia I figure I'll fill in some more of my background details...

I met with my RE for the 1st time just 1 week prior to my upcoming cycle which was perfect timing since I'd be able to start my investigative cycle right away. I was so pleased with how supportive everyone at the clinic is...I feared they would be judgemental or discouraging as the nurse at my Family Dr's office who I dealt with to get my referral (who is usually very friendly & pleasant), was not impressed...she was all sunshine & helpfulness, then asked, "Do you have concerns about your fertility?" to which I replied that I had decided to persue IUI, etc...her response? "Uh huh, hm, right." air of judgement...I realize now that that attitude is something I will constantly encounter & have learned fantastic coping strategies from the blogs I've been reading for handling it...but at the time? I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut.

I decided I wouldn't let it get me down & while waiting for AF, I got to enjoy filling a precription for Prenatal Vitamins...enjoy, you ask? Yeah, I kinda felt, I don't know, special or like I'd been inducted to the Mother-to-Be club...just a few months ago I had been thinking I would have to accept the fact that I wouldn't be a mother since I hadn't been able to find a man I was willing to spend the rest of my life buying those vitamins was symbolic for me, it made it all real...I was going to be a mother!

So funny story about my 1st day on the prenatals...remember, I have said I was woefully uneducated about this whole process (and still have so much to learn) the next morning, I take my morning PV, then my Vitamin D (which my very wise aunt had me start & has made such a difference, thanks Lee) & lastly my multi-vitamin...ya, I on my 40 minute drive to work, I started to feel very woozy. By the time I got to work, I felt even worse...I drank some water, ate an apple...peed & peed & by mid afternoon I felt better as well as discovered my problem...yup, that's right, mild vitamin OD. Needless to say I've stopped taking the multi-vitamin!

Okay...anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, the following Friday, AF arrived marking CD1 (Cycle Day 1) 1st thing that morning I called the clinic to book my Day 3-5 U/S(ultrasound) for the following Tuesday, which would be CD5 but they said that'd be ok. I also asked about booking my HSG test but they didn't have any availability due to the new Family Day holiday...ironic, somehow, don't you think!

CD5 - full bladder U/S!!! Glad that's only necessary once this month! I am told I have an above normal amount of follicles, 8 in the right ovary, 10 in the left, 0.1cm in size...size was normal but have so many may impede any of them from growing or they all grow...good news too, they have opened up extra slots for HSG test due to the holiday so I booked for my CD12 U/S & HSG the following Tuesday.

CD6 - The nurse calls me at work & leaves a message that they found something in my tests & need me to call with my pharmacy info so I can fill a prescription for a 2 week round of Doxycycline...WHAT? I call back in a's okay, nothing too serious, it's to treat some minor bacteria infection that exists in many people, male & female & generally wouldn't be a concern but it has been know to cause miscarriage & we DEFINATELY don't want that...phew!

CD12 - 2nd U/S...still many follicles but small for this stage, 1.3cm in the right, 1.0 in the left...I'm told they need to be 1.9 minimum for IUI but 2.2 - 2.3 is best...So I head from there to the hospital for my HSG...I'm a bit bummed for my follicle size but the nurse assured me not to worry, she books for another U/S on Thursday & says, "Think good growing follicle thoughts". Plus my spirits are lifted when my RE advises @ the HSG that my tubes are clear & very I have never been known to be "normal" but I sure am glad my tubes are!!

CD14 - 3rd U/S...the positive follicle thoughts I & my Inner Circle had been sending out paid off as my little guys had grown to 1.8 which was excellent growth for 2 days! Plus I start feeling the symptoms of ovulation...I think...

CD18 - 4th & last U/S for this, my investigative feelings were confirmed, I started to serge on Thursday & they think I probably ovulated on Saturday which matches what I was feeling...I was concerned that my follicle was too small & that maybe we should start right off on fertility drugs instead of trying my 1st IUI au natural. The Nurse said that's something my RE & I would decide but she felt that with such great growth between CD12 & CD14 it had probably kept growing right up until ovulation...

So here we are, CD20...I have an appontment with my RE next Wednesday to decide on the plan...right now I am all about picking a donor!!

Do you think Crosby's swimmers are available? 7-3 at the end of the 2nd GO, CANADA, GO!!!

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