Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12 Weeks

I can hardly believe that I'm 12 weeks pregnant! This last week & a half or so has been a turning point of sorts...I've experienced a lot of tugging & pulling feelings in my lower abdomen & it seems as though my belly is protruding some...but I'm also extremely bloated & gassy so am not sure how much is Baby & how much is gas. I've been feeling quite uncomfortable lately...I feel very huge & constricted...on the upside the queasy feelings are gone...though I still experience food aversions. My breasts are now only mildly tender but are definitely denser & heavier...& yes, unfortunately bigger. Hormones are getting the better of me...I've been feeling almost like PMS. I also get pretty weepy for no reason...a song I've heard a million times before can now bring tears to my eyes & I can't explain why...I cry at just about every TV show I Big Brother! I mean that is the most ridiculous show yet I found myself crying at something stupid that happened on it! I watched Inglorious Basterds on Sunday & balled my eyes out at the beginning & a few other parts to! You know you're being affected by hormones when you cry at Quentin Tarantino films!!

I spent part of last weekend with my nephews (M, 7 & H, 5) & they are so funny about Baby. Very curious & very excited...while we were sitting in a cafeteria style place for dinner, a family sat at the table next to us & had a newborn who was crying up a storm...well M says to me, "You see that Tia (that's what they call me)...That's what you're going to get. I hope you're ready." And H has graciously offered to help with changing diapers, even the poopy ones! They have also come up with some interesting names...they are sure it will be a boy & have suggested "Ranger" & "Wolfgang"...My aunt is calling Baby "Raspberry" from when it was that size...when it became the size of a prune that just didn't have the same ring...

I've also told everyone at work about Baby...I'm hoping I didn't jump the gun but it just felt right to tell everyone & they are all very excited for makes things easier since now they know why I'm tired all the time & why I can't change the water cooler bottle.

I do have my moments where I'm terrified something will go wrong. My next U/S is September 1st & it can't get here soon enough...I just need to be reassured that everything is okay with Baby...but really, for the most part, I can keep my fears at bay & I focus on all the signs that everything is perfectly fine.

Lastly, another HUGE congratulations...this time to Shannon on her BFP!! Another thing that made me cry this week...but I think this one was justified :)


  1. Congratulations on making it through your 1st trimester! It sounds like things are progressing nicely. September 1 is only a week away... looking forward to your positive report!

  2. You're definitely hormonal if you're crying at QT films! LOL And you know, Wolfgang has a nice ring to it. *g*

    Thanks for the congrats, Tiara! I'm so excited we're going to be going through this together!

  3. Often, the second trimester is the most comfortable. I hope that's true for you! Enjoy these wonderful days!

  4. So glad one of the big points is so close for you! Is it the nuchal or the regular doctor's U/S coming up??

    And lol @ crying during Inglurious Basterds. But then, I nearly shed a tear when they killed off Michael Fassbender :P

  5. Love your post.. I am so happy for you. You give us Single Moms by Choice hope. I'm going through my IUI#1 now.

  6. Love the new look of the title, Tiara!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the advice on the suppositories. And congratulations on your pregnancy!

  8. Glad to hear things are going well!


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