Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Due Date...

Today was my due date...instead, I have a beautifully precious 5 day old who I am in awe of & amazed by! I haven't had the chance to compose her birth story yet. We have had a challenging couple of days...between my milk not coming in, Elena losing a whole pound & me not able to satisfy her, plus my blood pressure has been through the really has been challenging...but we're getting the hang of things now & my milk came in it only gets better from here.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes & compliments on her beauty & her's funny how I had so much trouble picking her name & it didn't even end up being any of the names on my original list!! But when I saw her, I just knew Elena was her name.

Thank you all again so much!!!


  1. Welcome, Elena! Tiara--nursing is not easy. I actually gave up and bottle fed my first baby. With my second I tried and was (surprisingly)successful. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your baby girl!

  2. Hopefully its gotten so much better now that your milk is in. I know I had such a time before that point. Congrats again on Elena!


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