Friday, May 20, 2011

Boring Post - 11 Weeks

I couldn't think of a better title & since this'll just be a boring baby post I thought I'd warn you up front :)

Elena is 11 weeks old! 11 weeks! I think I say that every week but I can never believe how quickly time seems to be passing. Also how much Elena changes from week to week. I keep having to remind myself that she's only 2 1/2 months old as she seems to be growing up so quickly.

2 or 3 weeks ago, I put Elena in her Excersaucer for the 1st time & she couldn't even touch the bottom & didn't even take notice of the toys on the tray (since she started holding her head up early on, she's very strong with it but I put her in the seat backwards so the back of the seat can support her, a tip a fellow mother gave me) she already touches the bottom & is just figuring out how to bounce & she is mesmerized by the toys & has figured out how to make them rattle.

We have one of those playmats with the stuff hanging overhead...Elena does not like this...she won't spend much time on her back or her belly when she's awake to begin with but she does not like to be underneath the hanging toys at all. I'm worried she'll never learn how to turn over if she won't spend any time on her back or belly.

She's already pulling herself forward when she's sitting in her chair or swing...I use to just sit her in them & not bother with the restraints (I know, bad Mama) but I can't do that anymore now that she tries to sit forward...I joke that she's working on her 6 pack they way she uses her abs lately, lol! When you hold her on your lap, she sits right up, you really have to be careful!

Sleep has still been really good & pretty consistant...the last 2 nights she's gone a 8 hour stretch of sleep from 1am-9am!! What a treat for me!! She's sleeping in bed beside me now so I really get a great sleep since I know she's safe & she's comforted by me being so close.

My work had a Shower for me recently...they like to hold them after a baby is born so everyone can meet the baby...we were totally spoiled! The benefit of working in the Finance Department, they know how to stretch a budget!! They bought us our crib & the mattress!!! a carrier, this neat night light shaped like a turtle that projects stars onto the ceiling & a bunch of clothes! I'm most grateful for the crib as that was a big expense I now don't have to worry about...I am procrastinating putting it together though as I'm not ready to try to transition her in it yet...selfish I know but I want to keep her close just a little longer.

What else is going on? Elena is trying so hard to laugh! She does this huge, wide mouthed smile then this high-pitched's so cute. She works really hard at her babble too...watching her form her lips around the sounds is adorable.

I feel like there's a million other things I wanted to post about but for the life of me can't think of them now...but will as soon as I post this, I'm sure, lol!

Have a good long weekend everyone!! (is that just in Canada this weekend?:)


  1. Not boring at all! I loved reading all that baby news. You are so right about being continually amazed that another week has gone by. Time really speeds up once the babes are on the outside.

    We have the same turtle nighlight and my son loves it! His first non-Mama word was star because of the stars it projects onto the ceiling.

    We're still co-sleeping over here at almost 15 months and I'm still not ready to give up the snuggly closeness.

  2. So happy things are going so well with Elena! And she's going 8hour stretches of sleep - glorious!!

    Having a work shower after you have the baby is genius. You know what you really need then. They sound like a great group of people.

    Can't wait to read when she laughs--sounds like she's really trying!

  3. 8 hours? Oh, I hope I can say the same thing in 9 weeks!

    I have my crib put together, and as of right now, he's spent about 10 minutes in it total.

  4. Not boring at all! My niece loved her exersaucer.

    I can't wait to hear about her first full on laugh and giggle fest when that happens. ;-)

    I followed your link to the chair and low and behold you posted about your diaper bag. Nice to know that there are some non-hideous ones out there. Why must every diaper bag on the market make every parent look like a country bumpkin ... plaid, flowers, etc. Really! There's a market out there for more stylish bags so you'd think they would be more readily available. It isn't like we're looking for Prada or something.

  5. Gosh the time does go so quickly! I think 3 mths is when babies really start to get interesting. Lots of interaction :)

  6. wow, it must be an absolute delight it would be to see them change and blossom...and no its not boring at all!


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