Sunday, February 5, 2012


I’ve had a lot swirling around in my head lately it’s been hard to organize any of it into any kind of coherent post…so I’m gonna do a bit of thought vomit here & hopefully make some sense!

I just noticed I now have 50 Followers!!! Wow! It’s amazing to me that even a few people would want to read my blog…to know that there are 50 of you is a huge compliment! Thank you all & from now on I expect 50 comments on each post…lol! Just kidding!! J Sincerely thank you, tho…

With 50 followers, I’ve made the effort to try to make sure I’m following along with every follower who has their own blog…as you can imagine, my Reader has been filling up plus I’m trying to read the archives of these new blogs I’m following as I like to get a little back story…I admit, I’m having trouble keeping up but I’m commenting as much as possible…that is when Blogger allows me to…I have been very frustrated that I haven’t been able to comment on some posts! There’s so much going on with y’all!

Along with all this blog reading, my Book Club assigned The Hunger Games as our next book…I haven’t read a novel, well, since Elena was born…but this one! I couldn’t put it down!! I even read parts aloud to Elena just to keep her occupied so I could read it (she enjoyed it too!) Well, upon finishing it, I just HAD to get the other 2 books in the series! The whole trilogy was A.Maz.Ing!!!!! I then went right into reading The Help which was also great!

As for Elena…she is growing & changing by leaps & bounds!!! The girl amazes me daily!! She said Mama!!! For 2 days…& hasn’t said it since!! It made my heart melt to hear it & now she won’t…she just looks at me with this mischievous smile! She does however seem to call me Dada! I swear she knows the irony of that & does it on purpose!!!

The girl is honing the fine art of the Temper Tantrum…sometimes it’s quite comical but most often it’s frustrating & testing my patience. The worst part about them is that she will just fling herself down which results in her banging her head or hurting herself, bringing on real tears.

We’ve come a long way with Elena’s eating too…I’ve weaned her off of both daytime breast feedings so she only nurses in the morning & at bed time & we’re going to leave it that way until I dry up…

Elena turned 11 months old yesterday & I have 32 days until I go back to work…I’m taking the wise advice of numerous moms & going back on a Thursday. I have been leaving Elena with my Mom for longer stretches to get her use to me being gone…Elena is very clingy…thankfully, since she sees my Mom everyday (my Mom lives with us) she’s clingy with her too. If you give her time to warm up to people, she does just fine but if people get in her face too quickly & try to pick her up too soon, she gets very upset. With people she sees all the time tho, she’s just fine, it’s new people she’s leery of.

Elena’s a little water baby! We started swimming lessons back in August & have been going weekly since then & she loves it! She now walks down the ramp into the water by herself! That is one of the things I’m going to miss most when I go back to work. My Mom is going to continue to take her but I’ll miss being able to.

Well, there’s a hundred other things I wanted to write but I can’t think of them now…plus I’m distracted by hearing Elena upstairs squealing, giggling & having fun & I want to join in…


  1. I loved loved loved all four of those books (the Hunger Games trilogy and The Help). I think the Hunger Games movie comes out fairly soon, but I was disappointed that the actors don't physically fit my image of the characters (isn't that the way it always goes). Good luck with the transition back to work, it is probably a relief to know that Elena will be in trusted hands.

  2. The Hunger Games is sooo good. I can't wait for the movie.
    J does those fall out tantrums. Those and the ones where his legs melt and he goes limp. Such big kids now!

    Hopefully your days will drag and drag (in a good way) then your time away from her at work will speed by till you're together again.

  3. I also loved the Hunger Games - couldn't put them down, I was so nervous about how they would turn out!

  4. Hooray for Mama! She will say it again. And again and again! Enjoy these moments!

  5. The Help... brings me back :-) I read that one while breastfeeding Butterfly (more when she fell asleep on the breast) sometime in the first few months (reading in small portions it took me some time...)
    And you can make it 51 followers - I do not use the follow option on any blog I read, but of course I follow your blog! I am too amazed by people who follow my blog :-).
    And yay on Eleana saying Mama!! I'm sure in no time she'll be saying it again!

  6. No time to write...barely time to read any posts....but LOVED the Hunger Games trilogy and also really enjoyed the Help. Enjoy the updates about Elena. I remember when I first met you and saw her...she was just so little! Walking??? My Scarlett is nowhere close to walking yet :)

  7. That must be so adorable. She is growing up so fast. You will not believe it when she starts to go to school.
    Swimming is fun. Most children love it. I have been taking my sister swimming for two years now. It is such an important skill to learn.

  8. I am just catching up on blogs too!! It is hard as the kiddos move more and more and become more and more fun to be with!!

    I can just see the look when Elena says "dada". They know what they are doing!! Elsie was mad at me the other day and was crawling along 'cursing' me in baby babble! They know.

    Good luck going back to work! It isn't all bad. I love spending time with Elsie but I like my "adult" time at work too.


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