Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poor Elena

Elena's a bit fearless & a very determined little girl. She decided recently that she can go up & down stairs holding the railing like the rest of us...she was practicing her new-found technique this weekend at the park, going up & down the stairs...and then this happened:

She's alright...
As you can see, a fine scrape on her cheek & a little bruising...but otherwise she recovered very well...

Now that she is okay, am I a bad Mama since that video makes me laugh everytime? In my defence, it makes Elena laugh too...


  1. She looks so big in the video!! She is growing up so quickly!

  2. Oh no!! She looks so cute trying to go down the stairs on her own. Poor baby girl, glad she's ok though!!

  3. Oh no!! Poor kiddo! Glad she is ok!

    And no, it doesn't make you bad that it makes you laugh. But it won't make Elena laugh when she is a teenager!! ;)

  4. Oh my! She is getting so big! I can't believe she's walking up and downstairs, wasn't she like just born yesterday ;).

  5. Poor Elena!

    She looked so cute with her sunglasses!

  6. And so cool that you captured the fall on video :) What would make you bad is if you kept filming while she was screaming. It's over so it's funny to watch it! She is so big!

  7. Glad she's okay :-). And I agree with Little One about how cool that you caught the fall on video!

  8. oh, poor little munchkin!

    i caught calliope tipping over into the bathwater on video, too. the important thing is that we react quickly after the fact!

  9. Oops! Glad to see she's ok and has a sense of humor about it!


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