Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Good Times...

I'd like to post that our little (read ginormous) hitting issue resolved...but of course somthing like that isn't solved so easily or quickly...however, I do feel better equipped to handle the instances thanks to the advice & support I received on my last post. I'm not sure I can express exactly how much your comments & support means to me. Aside from the excellent techniques posted...that are really making a was knowing that this wasn't an Elena & me issue as a result of my bad parenting but rather a phase so many go thru...and like all phases, this too shall be replaced by another, probably equally difficult, phase...sigh...

In the mean time, we really do have more good times than bad...and today is a good example. We spent the day with my Mom & Aunt taking in the beautiful sun & swimming in my aunt's was just a really great day...

And my little water baby!! Elena is really coming along with her swimming & we bought a really great floaty while in the US & she's just loving you can see:


  1. What a little swimmer!!
    Very cute :-)

    [but just a word of warning - an ex life guard once warned against the wheel floats, saying they are dangerous. Her explanation: The problem with the wheel is that if one tips over with it, it is impossible for the baby to tip back by himself because his balance centre is in his tummy, where the wheek is and because the top part of his body is heavier from the bottom part, so he can't go back by himself. Of course the parent is always around, but it enough one second of not noticing, just one second – some called you and you turned to say five words, one little distraction and he tipped over and is in the water inhaling water into his lungs.
    She carries on to explain that the wheels that are attached to a shirt are the worst because not only that the child tips over, but the shirt part of the float goes over the head causing him to choke quicker.
    She said the safest are the arm floats as they creat a much higher centre of balance and you can't tip over with them even if the child lies down and tries putting his head in the water the arm floats will bring him back up right.
    Sorry if I am a bummer as you just bought these floats, but I just thought you should know,,

    As for the hitting – glad the comments were of help. Don't know if you remember my hitting post not so long before yours.. So yes it's a phase!!

    1. Not a bummer at all, Billy. I appreciate the information. She is still too little for the water wings but we'll be moving on to those sooner than later in light of your info. Rest assured that there is always at least 2 pairs of eyes on Elena at all times while we're in the pool & she is always within arms reach of myself or another adult. The video is deceiving but my mom & aunt were both just out of the shot.

  2. Elena really is an amazing little swimmer! Glad the hitting is getting resolved!

  3. Glad things are going better with the hitting!

    Looks like a great day of swimming!


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