Monday, July 23, 2012

The Zoo, Booked & a Scare

Elena & I joined my good friend & her family for Elena's 1st trip to The Toronto Zoo...We had a blast...

Elena's Ride

Elena had no fear sticking her hands in to pet the stingrays & sharks!

We just loved watching this guy swim!

Then Elena fell asleep...

...we saw the lions...

...and the penguins...

...and she slept...

She did wake up in time to hear the tiger roar!

It was such a great day!!! I can't wait until next year when the Pandas are there!!

In other news, today I booked Elena & I for our 1st trip! We're going to Huatulco, Mexico in November!!! I am very excited to spend a week on the beach with Elena...but I am just a little intimidated by the 5 hour flight, airport transfers, all you SMC travellers, I'll be seeking your best advice!!

Lastly, we had a scare stomach is in knots just thinking about it again...Elena choked on a cracker...usually a good whack on the back does the trick but this time, even after several good whacks, it didn't work! The look on Elena's face is seared in my brain & the way she was grasping at her was awful & I was on the verge of panic...I flipped her over with her head down & gave her another good what on the back & thankfully it was followed by a hearty wail from Elena & the cracker chunk on the floor...then I fell apart...Elena & I had a good cry...she's fine but if we never have to go thru that again it'll be too soon!

That's what's going on with us...


  1. The choking thing is one of my worst nightmares; I watch Chloe like a hawk ready to pounce on her at the first sign of struggle and still I don't feel like I can do enough. I can imagine that look is etched in your mind, but so very thankful that final whack did the trick. Whew, no more scares! On a happier note, the trip sounds like a blast! I'm sure she will do great on the trip and you'll come back and report how much of a trooper she was!

  2. How scary! Thank goodness you kept calm and knew what to do. That would have scared the bejeezus out of me too. The zoo trip looks like fun! That tiger is so beautiful (and close!).

  3. Oh... I can picture her in the scenario you describe. How utterly frightening. You did good mama!! I have no tips for your trip but I"m really excited for you!

  4. So scary!! I always worry with Elsie but so far so good. Even when she ate the plum pit.

    The zoo looks fabulous!!

    Traveling isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Definitely get her her own seat and take the car seat. Elsie slept and played better when she was strapped down.

  5. You seem to be very calm when faced with an emergency. I would have been terrified. I'm so glad that both of you are okay!
    I have avoided the zoo this year. S is so regimented that it would be a waste of money to go down for an hour and a half only to rush home for her nap. We did find a terrific petting zoo just north east of us that is free.

  6. Maybe next year my baby and I can make the trip to the zoo with you and Elena!

    Are you and Elena going to Mexico on your own or with friends/family? It's gonna be an awesome trip!

    Btw - the cracker incident is SCARY! I once gave my niece the Hiemlich when she was choking...and I didn't even know I knew how to do it! We figure things out in a panic pretty quick. Glad you're both okay!

  7. Oh I'm so glad Elena and you made it through the cracker incident alright. I would have been panicking.
    Those are some great pictures from the zoo. The swimming polar bear looks like he's having a great time and it sounds like you and Elena did too!

  8. That is scary. You remind me that I really should do (again, but it was too long ago) a first aid course.
    Elena sleeping in the cart - so cute :-).
    And how nice you are going on vacation :-)

  9. Oh my! That is definitely a huge fear of mine. I think I need to take another course to refresh myself on first aid.

    With respect to flying ask me all the questions you want. We've gone west twice now and will again at Christmas. Next year little H will come with me on my monthly business trips. He's going to be one of the youngest frequent flyers out there! lol


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