Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Day in My Life...

Ali over at A Planned Life had a great post about her day to day routine with her precious son, Isaac. I loved reading how she plans & spends her day & decided to copy her idea & post my own “Day in the Life”…once I typed it all out though, I realized I have it pretty easy…pretty easy? WAY EASY! So much so that I almost didn’t post this but then thought, “Why not?” So here it is…please don’t hate me J

 Same as Ali, this is just weekdays…

 5:00am – My Mom comes down & crawls into bed with Elena & I get up for the day

 5:05–5:30am – “Workout” – I put that in quotes because I just use the Wii & do free step while watching TV

5:30-6am – Shower, do hair, apply makeup

 6:00-6:30am – Get dressed while watching TV, plus check emails & blogs

 6:30am – Grab lunch bag & head to work

 7:20ish – Arrive at work

 12:30ish – Eat lunch, most often at my desk while reading blogs

 4:20ish – Leave work & head home

 5:15ish – Arrive home to the best welcome a Mom could hope for – Elena generally squeals with delight & babbles away telling me about her day.

 5:30pm – Sit down for dinner…which my Mom has prepared…I told you I had it way easy…please don’t hate me

 6:30pm – Playtime with Elena

 7:00pm – Start getting ready for bed – bath, brush teeth, etc

 7:30pm – Snuggle on the bed & read a book…usually numerous times at Elena’s insistence, “A-den!!”

 7:45pm – Lights out…Elena gives the illusion she will go to sleep herself in her own bed

 8:00pm – After 15 minutes of Elena rolling around & playing games, we move to the rocking chair & I snuggle her to sleep

 8:30pm – Transfer Elena to the bed

 8:30-9pm – Straighten up, get my lunch bag prepared for the next day

 9:00-10:00pm – Relax, watch TV, read blogs, return emails…recently I’ve started working on Elena’s 1st Year Scrapbook…

 10:00pm – Off to bed!

 How about the rest of you? What do your routines look like?





P.S. Please don’t hate me J


  1. What a great day. I love these posts and seeing how everyone else structures their day and what their routines are.

    Don't hate you, but you had better hug your mother everyday and get her the biggest card ever on Mother's day. :)

  2. Do you really want to see mine cause i think you would hate me. I may write one of these. I wrote one when J was an infant a loong time ago. Your mother might need to pass hints to my mother about dinner ;)

  3. I don't hate you but could your mom give my mom some lessons?! My mom hates to cook and when she would watch Elsie for me, I would come home from work and have to cook for all of us. At least she ordered in every now and then!!

  4. I promise not to hate you, lol..
    We are not so much routine people.

  5. I don't hate you!! Though I am a little jealous that you have help from your mom. I'm sure there is a trade off too though, for example, I'm sure you sometimes don't agree with your mom about the way Elena is cared for.

  6. Wow! You've got it made! Almost better than having a partner because your it's your mama making your meal(s) and helping out! :) Very nice. I bet your mom likes it, too!

    I liked getting a glimpse into your day. You have an early start!

  7. I'm loving this trend. It's so neat to see how everyone spends their days!


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