Saturday, September 15, 2012

Organized Fun

It’s been a big week for Elena…she has started 2 new programs, Baby Stars Gymnastics & Movers & Shakers Music Appreciation. I was nervous because neither class is cheap so if she didn’t enjoy going it would be money down the drain that we can’t afford to lose. Thankfully she has taken to both classes & genuinely enjoys them.

My Mom takes her to the Movers & Shakers class. The 1st part of the class is set aside for free play & the kids are allowed almost unrestricted access to a myriad of instruments. I love that! Then the instruments are put away & they participate in singing & dancing & rhythmic movement. The teacher sounds truly passionate about music & passing that passion onto the kids.

I get to take Elena to gymnastics & it is so much fun! Basically there’s a circuit of obstacles like balance mats, foam wedges for somersaults, a slide, a horizontal bar & small blocks to “vault”…basically all mini gymnastics stuff. Elena just squeals with delight at being able to run & jump & climb & roll around. It is so much fun to watch her in such a state of pure innocent enjoyment! She also takes great interest in watching the older girls’ classes.

It was important to me to get Elena involved in some activities for a few reasons. With the colder weather coming, it will be challenging for my Mom to have Elena cooped up indoors since currently they spend the better part of every day outside. Between her music class, swimming & play group at my Mom’s church they have somewhere to go 3 out of 5 days.

It is also important for Elena to be around other kids since we don’t know many kids…I often joke, since Elena isn’t talking yet, that when she does it’ll be to discuss Taxes, Retirement Savings & the price of gas since she’s predominantly around adults. Giving her a chance to interact & socialize is very necessary. She needs to learn to share & wait her turn & all those things that kids in daycare learn early. I am deeply grateful that I have my Mom to look after Elena while I’m at work but I’m also aware of the things she misses by not being in daycare too. Hopefully these programs can make up for that.

In other news, Elena started something very entertaining…I have been lucky that, although Elena will shake her head to indicate her refusal of things, I have been spared the evil “NO!”…she has however, along with her head shake, added a definite, “NEIN!”…where she picked this up from, I have no idea! It’s hilarious tho! If you’re doing something Elena doesn’t want you to do, she’ll shake her head saying, “Nein, nein, nein…” I wish I could get it on video!
My Little Gymnist...don't mind the
mess behind...a bed-maker I am not!


  1. ooh, she's gotten so cute! and she looks like a little gymnast here, very leggy and flexible! adorable!

  2. Those two programmes sound great!!

  3. Look how big she is!

    Finn started Gymboree this week - must be the week for starting fun stuff! The Movers and Shakers class sounds amazing.

    And really? Nein? Cracks me up!

  4. How fun!! Those classes sound like they'd be a blast for someone her age. When you mentioned gymnastics a while back, we got a flyer in the mail for the fall classes in our area. I was pleasantly surprised to see they offer gymnastics class in our town, but they start at 18 months. That's ok, something to look forward to this spring! Hope she continues to love all her activities!

  5. Now is definitely the time to start gymnastics. If you wait until preschool, some kids develop a fear and won't try the new stuff. I think these activities sound great!

  6. So glad to hear about the new classes Elena is taking. She looks so mature! Scarlett is starting gymnastics (monkeynastix it's called) this coming Saturday morning. She is more cautious and is still wobbly when she walks so hoping she enjoys it. I'm going to probably enrol her in sport-ball in the winter, which I think she'll really like as she loves to throw and kick balls.

  7. She is so cute!! AND so big!! I feel like I have been missing for years looking at her picture! I am glad she loves the classes.

  8. She is super cute! And the "Nein" is hilarious. The activities sound fun and you are right to have soemthing during the winter that is both entertaining and interactive. You are lucky to have your Mom with you.


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