Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Time Next Week...

...Elena & I will just be arriving at our beautiful destination in sunny Huatulco, Mexico!
Thank you all for the excellent advice! Abby's suggestion of the reusable swim diapers was genius so I took Shannon's recommendation of the iPlay ones & have 3 on order that should be here in a day or two.
I hadn't considered bringing a stroller since ours is so big & Elena walks most of the time but it makes prudent sense to have one so I am going out Saturday to buy one of those small umbrella strollers.
Since we're going to a resort in Mexico, I couldn't chance being able to purchase diapers there & I'm not bringing Elena's carseat since we're just going from plane to bus...I have my suitcase pretty much packed & it looks like I should be able to fit everything pretty well...including bottoms, lol! It sure will be an empty suitcase coming home though!
I love Jennifer's idea of wrapping Elena's special travel presents!! I am definitely going to do that! Elena & I have been talking about the trip & I've been telling her about the airport & being on a plane & even showed her some videos of kids on a plane. I've been letting her try out the headphones & she really likes them & I think it will help calm her to be able to block out all the noise on the plane.
So any last minute advice?
Oh, & remember my Halloween post & I mentioned that Elena refused to wear her lion costume? Well look what I cam home to the other day:

And lastly...Elena is such the little helper & loves her "chores"...an example of her "helping" my Mom rake the leaves...


  1. Such a sweetie!! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. hilarious video! love the video!

    for diapers: is there a wal-mart near where you are going? if so, they should be reliable for diapers. if you are up for that.

  3. OMG, love the video! She's so proud of herself! And the lion costume is just adorable. Of course she wears it now! :)

    I thought of the other suggestion - lollipops. They're great to suck on if the air pressure change bothers her.

    We're flying down to Florida on Thursday, will let you know if I think of anything else after that! Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. I am jealous of the warm weather you will get to enjoy! Have a great time in Mexico!

  5. Too funny! My son wore his Buzz Lightyear costume one day last week--all day!

    Have a great trip!

  6. So cute! And enjoy your vacation!! So jealous!

  7. So excited for you. Is this trip just for you and Elena?

  8. Too cute! Have a great trip and enjoy. I love how you encourage her to do chores with you. Great learning experince.


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