Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Like most everyone else, I have had a heavy heart weighed down by grief since Friday. I am grateful Elena is too young to understand why her Momma was crying so much this weekend & why I hugged her so tightly. My mind has been filled with thoughts for those parents who have lost their babies. I worry about how many of them are carrying the guilt of a rushed drop off at school that morning or an angry word being the last they spoke to their child. There’s nothing that I can write that is much different than all that has already been written. But I want to do SOMETHING, have to do something, before I can move on to my life & begin savoring the joy that is my daughter in a new & deeper way.
I am taking up Dyke in the Heart of Texas plea to remember one name. After reading the names & a bit about each of the 20 children, I choose OliviaEngel.
Shining star: Olivia Engel, one of the children killed at Sandy Hook, was would have been an angel in her church's nativity

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  1. Wow, I followed your links and read the blog you mentioned. What a wonderful idea. Like you I am too overcome by sadness to think about this tragedy for too long. It hits too close to home. So special to remember the innocent children rather than the bad guy!


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