Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vacation Pictorial

We have arrived!
Our 1st sunrise & our gorgeous view
Relaxing in the hammock
Relaxing poolside
Once realizing how much the sand bothered Elena & took her down in her water shoes...she was still less than impressed with the ocean...

The Trampoline!!
Nap Time
Pool Time!!!

They had this amazing Nativity Scene they set up...Elena was amazed by it
Thankfully, she never touched it!!
I think this is one of my favourite photos
Thankfully, one day while we were at the pool, a resort photographer came by & took our photo together...so precious to me since we didn't have any photos together! Unfortunately I haven't scanned it so can't share it with y'all!


  1. What great memories you'll have of your trip!

  2. Love the photos!! Can't wait to see the one of the two of you together!!

  3. adorable!

    the resort looks amazing.

    so... would you do it again???

    1. To the same place? No way!! But I would take a resort vacation again & just do a lot more research before hand & go to one that is more kid oriented.

      Our next trip is already in the planning stages tho...Disney World in 2014!!

  4. Very cute! :) I can't believe she didn't like the ocean! That's the best part!

  5. i absolutely love love love the video of her in the ocean! From stamping her feet to saying 'no no no' just precious. She seems so very indignant that the water would have the nerve to come rushing back at her!!

    You're going to Disney in 2014?? We are too!!!! My cousin has twins one week older than Tate. We've been planning and saving since before they were born to take them the summer they should be turning 5 for 8-10 days!! Cannot wait. Maybe we'll see you there :)

  6. What wonderful pictures and beautiful memories!

  7. Great pics. Looks like you had a wonderful time. She is growing up so fast!


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