Saturday, September 12, 2015

Disney World - Day 1

Elena & I had been planning a trip to Disney World for a while. She knew we were going, she just didn't know WHEN. One of my favorite things in the past few months was the two of us cuddling up with the iPad and exploring the Disney app. On departure day I had to wake Elena up very early to get our 8:15am flight. I turned on the light and she was none too pleased! She said, "I'm tired!" I asked, "Do you want to go to Disney today?" She yawned & said ok. Her enthusiasm was underwhelming but it gave me a chuckle & reminded me of the scene from Frozen when Anna is woken up the morning of Elsa's coronation. The more awake Elena became, the more excited she got!

We got to the airport with no trouble. The flight was uneventful & we even got into Orlando early. A bonus since we had a full day of adventure planned!

Disney makes everything so easy! At the airport, we didn't even have to worry about baggage claim. They'd sent us tags to put on our suitcase & it would be delivered to our room later that day! All we had to do was make our way onto our Disney Magical Express bus! 

We had reservations at Disney's Art of Animation resort, a Little Mermaid room. I had my fingers crossed our room would be ready since it was only noon. Not only was our room ready, but it was an awesome room, excellently located! And our rented stroller was there waiting for us as well!!

We had just enough time to dump our stuff in our room before we had to head to Downtown Disney for Elena's appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. We'd brought Elena's Elsa dress & she was in her glory getting all pampered & fancied up. After that we spent time exploring Downtown Disney including a ride on the carousel & some shopping. 

We then headed off for our dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. I loved the atmosphere there, it reminded me of Mary Poppins for some reason! Dinner was buffet with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Evil Step Mother & the Step Sisters making their rounds to every table. Elena was not interested in Charming at all. He seemed a little put out & tried to engage her but she wasn't having it. So he said, "Do you want me to just stand behind her & you can take a photo?" So that's what I did.  

On the other hand, Elena loved Cinderella! Elena was enchanted by her & her face just shined! It warmed my heart to see such happiness on her face! When Cinderella & Prince Charming had their royal dance, Elena got the opportunity to dance with Cinderella & what a special moment! Elena seemed transformed after this & seemed to be floating on air! She started greeting everyone as though she were one of the featured princesses! It was hilarious. 

After brief encounters with the Stepmother & Stepsisters, we were on our way. It was so hot in Florida! Stifling hot! Getting back to our hotel would involve a monorail ride to Magic Kingdom then transferring to a bus to our hotel...I was just too exhausted to face this! So Elena enjoyed her very first taxi ride!

When we got back to our room, what was waiting for us? A balloon bouquet that included a set of personalized Minnie Mouse ears! Elena was so surprised! I'd ordered them before we left home, a bit pricey but well worth the smile & surprise for Elena! 

It was past Elena's usual bedtime by this time & though I knew I should get her to bed since we had an early morning, she insisted we go swimming! I was so hot, the thought of a quick dip was very appealing so I agreed. It wasn't quite as refreshing as I'd anticipated since the water was as warm as bath water but it was a nice way to end our first day in Disney World!


  1. Love love love! You two look like you're having so much fun. I love Disney, and this made me feel like I was there. What a great trip.

  2. OMG - she looks so precious in her outfit! What a fun day!!


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