Thursday, September 17, 2015

Disney World - Day 4

Day 4 was yet another early morning & our last full day at Disney. We were heading to Hollywood Studios for magic hours. I let Elena sleep in as long as I could since we didn't have to get breakfast before leaving as I'd made reservations for a special breakfast there. I think it was the hottest day yet too!

At Hollywood Studios, when they opened the gates, EVERYONE headed for Toy Story Mania...and I mean everyone! There was no way we would get into that before our special reservations so we headed in the opposite direction.  It was like a ghost town! There wasn't anyone else around. We ended up going to see the Muppets 3-D. This was Elena's first experience with 3-D & it very entertaining seeing Elena reaction. 

Then it was time for our special breakfast. We walked to Hollywood & Vine and the Disney Junior Play 'n' Dine! Elena was beyond excited to meet Jake, Doc McStuffins, Princess Sophia & Handy Manny! The buffet breakfast was delicious & Elena loved that they had chocolate sauce & put it on everything!!

From there we headed to Disney Jr Live On Stage. I was a little disappointed. Having to sit on floor wasn't fun plus it was just a glorified puppet show, not what I expected at all!

We went straight over to Frozen Sing A Long. Now this was awesome! Especially for my little Frozen fanatic! It was very well done & very funny. Elena was very excited & sung her little heart out. It was precious!

At this point, it was coming on 11am & it was getting so very hot! Since this was our last full day, I convinced Elena to head back to the hotel. She wasn't all that interested in seeing any more shows & we were both looking forward to a swim before our evening plans. 
After a long wait for a bus, we were back at the hotel & were able to pick up Elena's Questcom before grabbing lunch which we brought back to the room to eat. I sure wish we'd figured out that trick earlier in the trip!

After a brief rest we headed to the Big Blue Pool for a swim. We had a great time & I even helped Elena participate in one of their pool activities: Duck Races! It was a blast! Then we took a quick wander to get some photos around the hotel. Then back to our room to get ready for a big Saturday night out.


We were destined for Downtown Disney to see Cirque du Soleil! Amazing show! Absolutely amazing! Funny & exciting, really amazing!

The crowds afterward were insane. It was scary for me & I was feeling a little panicked. I really don't like crowds. I just had to breath & calm myself and we made it back to the other side where the shops were & then we were able to do some shopping before heading back to our hotel. It was another long wait for a bus. It was so crowded & very busy at that terminal. We did finally make it back to our hotel & did a bit more shopping for the last of the gifts we wanted to bring home. 

Finally back to our room, poor Elena was over tired & exhausted & didn't know what to do with herself. I was able to calm her down & go to bed & asleep by 10:30, way past her bedtime! What a long day! A long but exciting & magical day!


  1. What a great trip!! Love all the photos!

  2. I like Elena's choice of chocolate sauce with breakfast, looks yummy to me! And it sounds like you and Elena both had a lot of fun. :)


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