Tuesday, September 21, 2010

16 Weeks...Really!?!?!?

Not much going on for me...just, you know, baking a baby!

I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow & I've found the last couple of weeks very...unnerving. Basically because I don't feel anything...not in a bad way, it's totally natural (so I am constantly reminded)...it's just that phase in pregnancy where nausea & sick feelings are gone...I'm still tired but not that all consuming exhaustion of the early weeks...my appetite has abated & feels more normal...but it's still too soon to feel Baby moving...so I'm feeling...nothing. (I mean this physically, we'll get to the emotional stuff in a minute...)

I thought I felt Baby move on Saturday morning...I was poking around my belly & then all of a sudden felt, like, a...blip. I thought, "what was that?" Then it happened again...but since then, nothing. Since it is so early, plus my whole placenta placement thing...I'm pretty sure it was just gas & wishful thinking...

As for emotional feelings...I'm a mess...I've always been a sensitive person & my feelings can get hurt pretty easily but I never felt I was an overly emotional person...I mean, if you hurt my feelings, I wouldn't burst into tears & run sobbing from the room...I'd deal. Now, I can break down sobbing for the least little thing! It doesn't even have to happen to me...a girl at work has been going through a tough time & in the past, I'd feel bad & what not but now? I'm balling at the injustice she has to endure!!! And watching the news? Forget it! I can't even catch the highlight commercials without getting upset at some event or other!! Even things that aren't even sad make me cry!! If someone compliments me or even just thanks me, I'm stuggling to keep my composure! It really is pretty funny after the fact when I think about how I reacted to certain things but in the moment, it's pretty embarrassing!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their advice & encouragement about registering...I have decided to go for it...why not, right? I am going to wait until after I find out Baby's gender though...

Which brings me to a little disappointment...originally my U/S was scheduled for October 7th...which would have been perfect since that was just before my birthday & Thanksgiving (in Canada;) so I'd be able to share the news when my family was gathered together...I had it all planned out. My friend would go with me to the U/S & my tech tell her the gender. She would then write it down & seal it in an envelope...then at Thanksgiving Dinner (which falls on my birthday this year) I would open the envelope & find out right along with my whole family!

What's that phrase, "the best laid plans" or something...don't I get a call from my clinic that my usual tech won't be in on the 7th afterall & the replacement is not qualified or some such...doesn't really matter since I'd rather go in when my usual tech is there anyway since she's been with me from the beginning & she is A-MAZ-ING...I love her to death!

Long story short (too late!) my U/S has been rescheduled until October 12th...which is fine (except for having to WAIT!!) but now I want to find out the gender on the 12th because who knows when I'll be able to gather my family together again for a big reveal!! I also don't want to just tell my family individually by text or phone call...I'll have to think of something...I was thinking of stealing an idea from Gille & bake cupcakes then fill the middle with either pink or blue icing & have everyone bite in at the same time to find out...who knows...


  1. Yay for cupcakes! And for baby movement! I don't think you're too early at all for it.

    I wish you could get a scan scheduled at the right time so you can tell your family. I hope it works out cause that would be so special but then again however you tell them will be when it comes to your little one.

  2. I think 16 weeks is right on schedule. I was feeling my baby move for a while before I realized/admitted it around 18 weeks. Such a wonderful phase of pregnancy--the second semester is the feel good one! Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations.. 16 weeks!! I can't wait to hear more. I'm a cupcake fanatic. I love red velvet.

  4. 16 weeks! I can't wait to read how you tell your family.

  5. Aww...your post brought me back to MY birthday last year, October 8th. (When is your big day?) Coincidentally my big gender u/s fell on my (40th!) b-day, and at my birthday get-together later that day, I had everyone close their eyes, gave each person a pink glow stick, and had them all bend them at the same time. So much fun! But I LOVE the cupcake idea, too! Whatever you decide, definitely fill us in...it's going to be memorable regardless. :)
    Congrats on 16 weeks!!!

  6. Jealous! *sigh* But very happy for you! :)

    Hopefully I will know by Oct. 12 whether I got a BFP this cycle, so maybe we will both have some good news.

    Love your idea about the envelope. Totally stealing it. If I do get a BFP, my first trimester will finish up a few days before Christmas. I can totally see myself wrapping up a mystery gift and leaving it under the tree for the family to wonder about and then open... *grin*


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