Sunday, November 28, 2010

101 Days Left...

...and I think I'm ready...almost...I think...I have all the necessities anyway!

It seems Canada has jumped on the Black Friday Bandwagon...the stores here were having huge 3 day sales...& I bought a Stroller Travel System!!

I also bought the Infant-to-Toddler Rocker I really wanted. I bought a similar one for my Sister-in-Law when she had my 1st nephew & she got so much use out of it...

& I've also bought my Diaper Bag. I really wanted to get a nice bag since I had no intention of carrying it plus a purse. I searched high & low, far & wide & finally found one I loved:

The picture doesn't do it justice...It's made by Ju Ju Be & it has some bling & some sparkle plus it's versatile & practical.

Now that I'm broke, I have to shift my shopping to Christmas least I don't have too many people to buy for.

Lo & Behold...another blog award! And such a cute one!!

Thank you so much to Gille, who awarded it to are the rules:

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blog friends!!


  1. Such cute're really ready! I'm jealous.

  2. I had that chair and a similar travel system. You will be very happy with your purchases!

  3. Wow, you've gotten a lot accomplished in one weekend! Is your nursery set up already, too?

  4. You are so far ahead of where I was at that point!

    I had a similar chair and really liked it. LOVE that bag!

  5. Thank you for the award.. you are going to be a momma in 100 days.. how exciting.

    I love the stroller.

  6. Hello Tiara! I just started following your blog last night and woke up this morning to some lovely comments from you on my own one - great timing! Thanks for your thoughts, and I am so pleased to have found another who appreciates the happiness boost that ridiculous little things like Missing Missy can give you :)

    I am gobsmacked about the burned sperm!! I will have to read through your archives at some stage (especially as I see all these blogging awards!) to appreciate your journey towards your special "plus one".

    Which segways nicely into a big congratulations on being pregnant and expecting a wee daughter!! Yay for you! I dream of the time when I can buy a pram & a nappy bag! Ha, I dream of changing nappies and that just can't be right?!! Enjoy the next 100 days xx

  7. Thanks for the recognition, Tiara! I have been enjoying keeping up on your blog, too. :)

  8. Great purchase! That travel system is adorable! Also it was helpful to read about how you are coping with acknowledging your loss and still letting yourself feel the joy of your baby girl that is growing beautifully. Best wishes as you become a mommy!


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