Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warning: Pregnancy Update

I say this because many of the women I'm following are having some difficult times right now & want to give anyone not up for a pregnancy post the chance to click off...

Deep Breath....and Big Sigh...of relief that is...

I had worked myself up into quite the worrying mess lately & was so afraid something had gone wrong with my daughter...everything I read lately, from Baby Centre to What to Expect, all were saying I should be feeling Baby by now...but I wasn't...well, maybe not "wasn't" but I couldn't be sure...on top of this, hormones have been getting the best of me & I have cried more in the last 2 weeks than I had in the last 4 years!! Between the heartbreak of some of the women who's blogs I read, my own worry plus a touching encounter with a Veteren while buying my poppy, I thought I might dehydrate with all these tears!!

Today I had my Midwife appointment though & she put my mind at ease...hearing my daughter's heartbeat & her kicking I said: Big Sigh of Relief! My Midwife reminded me that since I have an anterior placenta, I won't feel Baby distinctly as soon...but there were clear kicks & movement detected by the doppler which proved that I just wasn't feeling her. Now I just have to wait 5 weeks & I get to see Baby again, I have an U/S booked for Dec 15th...unfortunately I also have to endure the Glucose Tolerance test that week too...

Lastly I wanted to extend my congratulations to: Hopeful, Jay, & S...their BFPs were another reason I was brought to tears recently :)


  1. Thanks!!

    Glad all is well, though the uncertainty never goes away does it? And we are much worse because we have lost all of our 'pregnancy innocence'.

    I think the trick to sanity (once I make it to 12 weeks, praying that happens) is to get a doppler.

  2. So happy for you, and continue to be. Thinking happy thoughts for you and your growing bean :)

    Thanks for the compassion in your comments in my blog. Every single comment helps. Truely, thanks.

  3. You are cruising along nicely with this pregnancy. Take good care of yourself and the baby.

  4. i"m so excited for you, and so happy all is going well! I can only imagine how reassuring it is to hear that little heartbeat after being so worried.

  5. So happy you had such a great appointment! While you haven't felt her kick, that's awesome you got her "hear" her kick on the doppler :) Hopefully not too much longer before you feel those kicks!

    And thanks for the wonderful support~ it means the world.

  6. It took forever to feel my baby kick for the first time. I think he was actually kicking away but I didn't recognize it as such. Rest assured you will soon have lots of reminders of your little one's presence!

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy. It is nice to hear that all is well.

    Do not get duped about the glucose test. Don't say it is 'unfortunate' you have to 'endure it', be glad that you can get tested and find out if you need to do something to keep your baby safe, should you have GD and not know it. The syrup is not all that dreadful as most fertiles lead you to think and frankly, knowing what can go wrong if you have GD and do nothing about it is more dreadful than drinking the orangey stuff.
    I had GD during my first pregnancy, I was lucky enough to control it through diet and need no insulin. If anything, it taught me better eating habits and I lost a bit of weight, after birth I was 15 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant. My baby is healthy and I could not have asked for more.
    GD is not the end of the world. The test even less. So don't just adopt fertile talk, be thankful for your healthy baby and just do whatever you have to do in order to keep that baby healthy. Even if it means 'enduring the dreadful glucose test'.


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