Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Positive Baby Planning Progress

After the relief of knowing my daughter was doing just fine on Thursday, I realized I had to get my butt in gear & get some planning of today, I am 24 weeks & think the next 16 weeks will probably fly by with Christmas & all...

I admit I have been hesitant to look too far ahead but I have reached a turning point & though I'll continue to worry, reaching 24 weeks & knowing that my daughter's chance of survival (if the worst happens) increases with each passing day does allow me to be a lot less anxious.

So I've made great strides in the Baby Planning process in the last few days...On Saturday I went & registered at Babies.R.Us...that was great fun but as someone had mentioned before, it was VERY tiring!! It had been suggested to me to register at Sears as well but aside from the free swag, I don't see the point. Besides, if someone wants to get me something off the registry but finds it cheaper elsewhere, by all means, get the cheaper price!!

My Mom came with me & she was funny...she complained that I wouldn't pick any of the stuff she thought I should...she also revealed that she'd been busy buying all kinds of stuff behind my back!! Sneaky Mommy!

On Monday, I made my Hospital Tour & Registration appointments...The Scheduler was a hoot! And it was a good thing I called when I did! She initially tried to book my registration for the end of February! I reminded her that I was due March 9th...she was able to squeeze me in for February 4th & booked my Hospital Tour for January 5th...a bit backwards but she said that was fine!

I've also narrowed my humongous list of names down to a short list of 5:
This may change, of course, but I am leaning toward 1 name in particular but I'm keeping that mostly to myself...for now...

I've saved the best news until last!! At my Midwife appointment she confirmed Baby's movement & kicking & we discussed that I may already be feeling some but am just not aware...So on Sunday afternoon, I was lounging quietly on the couch & started to feel what I had always discounted as gas...I laid very still with my hand on my belly over the place I was feeling it...and sure enough I felt a BOMP against my hand & then another BOMP!! Now gas definitely doesn't BOMP into your hand!!! What an amazing feeling!! I wanted to jump up & run upstarirs to tell my Mom but I also didn't want to move! So I laid there & felt it a few more times before she must have shifted & I couldn't feel anything anymore. It was so great though!

That's it for me! Take care everyone!


  1. I loved the name Hannah till I met a Hannah 2 years ago and despised her so much that I can't imagine naming a baby that has the same name as her. Silly, but true:)

    You have had an exciting week. The regestering, the scheduling, and the baby kicking. Kind of puts in all into persepective and soon you will get to meet her!

  2. I still can't believe you're 24 weeks already!! It is flying by! You are definitely getting a lot accomplished.

    Congratulations on feeling your little girl kick! That's so exciting - I hear it's a pretty big defining moment. And I love all your names~ that's going to be a hard choice to make :)

  3. Wow, 24 weeks already? Time is just flying by.. I'm excited for you. Aislin is a unique name.. I've never heard it before.

  4. I think all those names are really nice! Registering sounds like fun! Do they give you one of those price guns?

  5. Enjoy this time--especially the baby kicks, wiggles and hiccups!

  6. I love the name choices - good luck narrowing down to one! And yay for registering!

    I'm so excited that you're finally able to feel her kicking around in there. It's gotta be amazing.

  7. Yay! Movement is SO exciting. I'm totally ashamed to admit this, but when I first started thinking about being a SMC, I created a registry for myself at Obviously it wasn't to send to anyone, but I was just so excited. But boy was it overwhelming - there's just so much stuff! I'm voting for Julia or Grace, but they're all really beautiful. <3

  8. How exciting to be feeling her!


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