Saturday, January 8, 2011

60 Days Left

Are you kidding me? There's just 60 days left until my due date!! That doesn't seem possible! I've finally entered the "enjoying pregnancy" phase & it's going to be over in 60 days? To be honest though I can't wait for my Girl to be here...having all this baby stuff around, I can't wait for there to be a baby to use it all.

I went for my hospital tour on Wednesday...I'm feeling really good about delivering there...their policies meet all of the things that are important to me...they encourage skin-to-skin right away & will assist me to breastfeed within the 1st the event of a c-section, they don't whisk my girl away but instead keep her close by me until I'm stitched up & able to do skin-to-skin & feed...they won't bathe my girl right away & they won't do it without me present...they have 24 hour rooming in so once my daughter is born, she won't be separated from me for any reason...even if she needs tests, it is my right to go along & be present...the only reason we'd be separated is if she needs to go to the NICU but I don't want to think about that...

What I didn't know before Wednesday was that they have these two suites there that are total luxury...they're not birthing rooms, they're for your stay after & they're 1st come 1st serve...they're pretty pricey if you get one, $150 a night, but all of that money goes to the hospital's children's charity...worth it to me, I'm definitely putting my name on the list! However, if I have a regular birth & everything is ok with my girl, I won't be in the hospital long anyway since with my Midwife they can send me home pretty quick...but I'll sign up anyway...just in case.

I am preparing myself for a c-section...something in me just feels like this is the way it'll go...everyone keeps telling me that since my girl is big, I won't be able to deliver vaginally...but I'm a bigger girl with wide hips so who knows...either way, my goal is a healthy daughter, however she needs to come out is fine by me...& if I end up with a c-section, then having the luxury suite would be sweet!

My focus right now is getting everything organized around my house...I have 6 more weeks of work & I can not wait to be done!! I had to take a few sick days this week...having a cold & being pregnant is NOT wasn't even a bad cold, but I wouldn't take anything & just suffered through...then the constipation set in & having been a long sufferer of IBS & always being very regular, this was a new experience...I don't ever remember being so glad to poop as I was yesterday!!! The point of all this TMI was that my boss, my big boss, the head guy, made a point of telling me to take any time I needed in these last weeks...I think he could tell how uncomfortable I was but since I work in finance & this time of year is SUPER busy for us, I was reluctant to be off...but he said not to worry & also gave me permission to work from home if I needed...I really appreciate that, having that understanding is so reassuring.

Well this is one of my most rambling posts...


  1. The luxury suites sounds awesome! I hope you get one. But even if you don't, the hospital itself sounds absolutely fantastic.

    Good luck getting everything done over the next 6 weeks. SIX weeks, I can't believe it!

  2. Oops, I just realized it's about 8 weeks until your due date - but you said 6 weeks until you're off work. Still, it's SO soon!

  3. Well my children were 9 lbs, 9 oz and 10 lbs, 3 oz. I hope your daughter is not quite that big. I didn't have C-sections but my postpartum physical recovery still lasted for months. Enjoy this time and pamper yourself. This is getting VERY exciting!

  4. Your hospital sounds GREAT...
    I'll be having IUI #1 at the end of the month and i'm from Ontario, Canada too...can't tell you how inspiring your blog has been for me!

    Congrats...can't wait to hear all about your little girl.

  5. Yay! Not long long now!! So, exciting. I am really pleased to hear that you are mentally prepared for a Caesarian in the event that it is needed, but I do hope you get to deliver vaginally without any complications. Fingers crossed for the luxury suite and good luck with that damn constipation!! xx

  6. The hospital sounds really great!
    And nice of you boss :-).


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