Monday, September 5, 2011

Best 6 Months of My Life

It’s easy to say that now!! Weeks 1 thru 4 ½ weren’t exactly fun…thankfully, due to the sleep deprivation, I don’t really remember details of those weeks except that I was exhausted & wondering when this motherhood gig would get fun! It’s fun now…for the most part, anyway!
Elena turned 6 months old yesterday & I take a page from Lara's book & decided to celebrate Elena's Half Birthday. We had family & friends over for a BBQ...& even though it rained most the day, we just moved the party inside & still had a great time. Since I was so busy with things yesterday, I haven't had a chance to compose an update on all the wonderful things Elena can I thought, since many requested photos, I take that easy route...Enjoy!

Here she is yesterday...LOVES that toy, the post anyway...if I stack the rings on it, she dumps them off...even if she's playing with something else, when she notices I've stacked them, she will reach over, dump them off then go back to what she was doing!!

Please, Mommy??!!!

We had some professional photos taken...this is the same photographer we used for Elena's 3 week old photos...she is awesome!


  1. Happy 1/2 Birthday! Love the photos!
    My son loves that post more than the rings too :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Tara. You seem sooooo happy!

  3. She's beautiful! Happy 6 month birthday to Elena!

  4. She is SO CUTE! I love the pictures of the two of you, just beautiful.

  5. What a total cutie!!Great pics!

  6. She is beautiful, T! And she smiles just like you :)

    ps: I can't believe she's already 6 months old. Time is flying!

  7. Aw, she's just beautiful.


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