Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wacky Dream

I had the wackiest dream the other night that I just had to post about!! It went like this:
I ran into Little One(of The Clock Finally Started Ticking) at a coffee shop & she invited Elena & I to come along with her & Scarlett to a gathering of other single moms…I said sure & we went to the penthouse apartment of Abby (of True Confessions of a Single Mama) as she & Calliope were hosting this gathering. The others that were in attendance were: Lorelei (of Perpetual Ambition) with her “daughter” Rose, SurlyMama (of It’sDefinitely Possible) with her “daughter”& Mama Time Bomb (of Baby TimeBomb) with her “daughter”, Magdalena.
Now this is strange already for a number of reasons…although I have met Little One IRL & seen photos of Abby & SurlyMama, I have NO IDEA what Lorelei or Mama Time Bomb look like, yet in my dream I have manifested faces for them…also strange is that my subconscious has “decided” that Lorelei would be having a girl & name her Rose, SurlyMama would have a daughter though my over active subconscious didn’t name her…Mama Time Bomb isn’t pregnant yet, but my mind “decided” she’d have a daughter & name her Magdalena…& it get’s weirder!!
So we’re all visiting & Abby is serving these delicious appetizers when I decide I need to change Elena’s diaper…I go into a spare room & start changing her on the floor. Little One comes in with this guy…I’m surprised since I thought this would be a SMC gathering…Little One proceeds to introduce this guy & give me a dating-profile-esque run down about him…I then go into the kitchen & there’s another guy who Abby introduces to me in the same style followed by SurlyMama introducing yet another guy…
I’m feeling pretty suspicious at this point & feeling like I’m being set up so I turn to Lorelei & ask her what’s going on. She responds, “Oh Tara, we all thought you really needed to meet someone nice & settle down so pick one of these great guys & be happy!”
At which point I woke up!! So wacky!!!


  1. Hey!! How come I wasn't in this dream of yours?! Sounds like a fun time to me! (I had a dream two nights ago in which I actually gave birth to a baby girl named "Piper".) Isn't it amazing what our minds can create?

  2. That is hilarious! Sounds like you need to get together with some other wonderful choice moms (who definitely don't feel like you need to settle down!!!!).

  3. That's funny that I had baby girl that didn't have a name as I have decided that if I am having a girl she shall remain nameless until they force me to put something on a birth certificate. I've given up trying to think of something and am just hoping that when "she" arrives somehow the right name will just be obvious.

  4. Just now saw this, ha! It's been awhile since I had time to catch up on blogs. Magdalena is not on my list of names for girls, though it would go nicely with my last name. ;) I'm dreadfully curious...what did I look like in your dream? Not that you'll remember after this much time, hee.


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