Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eating Adventures Part Deux

We’re actually doing pretty well in this department now…Elena no longer pinches my boob during feedings…that’s a relief! I’m glad it was a short lived phase!! I used a technique I read about to keep a teething baby from biting the nipple: expressing displeasure without scaring her, stopping the feed each time she pinched & expressing an obvious frown. After a feed or two of doing this, she stopped the pinching & hasn’t done it since…gives me hope she’ll learn not to bite me too.
As for solids, we’ve moved on from cereal to veggies now…I am proud to say that I have stuck to my decision to give Elena homemade baby food…I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but in case you forgot, let me remind you that I am LAZY!!! As much as I want to make Elena’s baby food, I thought I’d give up if it was too hard. I am happy to say it is pretty easy & am sticking with it. The worst part is the peeling, chopping & steaming but that isn’t so bad & I can often con my Mom into doing that part. I love my Magic Bullet too! It purees perfectly & is so easy to clean.
Elena has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, squash & peas so far. She, of course, loves sweet potatoes. I’m surprised to learn that I don’t mind them either. I’d never had them before feeding them to Elena. What I don’t understand is that Elena blatantly disliked carrots yet has taken a liking to peas…one strange kid, in my opinion, lol!! I mean, who likes peas & not carrots? I hate peas!!! They smell disgusting & my stomach turns every time I get a taste when I’m checking temperature while feeding Elena. Seriously! How can you like peas & not carrots?!?!?! I’m going to introduce carrots again & try to convince her that they are awesome!
Now that Elena has a few veggies under her belt, I’ve started giving her two different ones at a meal. It’s funny to see the look on her face when we switch from one vegetable to another…she’s a little miffed at first. She also does this fake little gag/cough that is hilarious…
I think we’re just about ready to jump into the world of fruits. I held off thus far because I was afraid she’d refuse vegetables if she tasted the sweetness of fruits first. Apparently that’s a myth…I swear there is so much conflicting information out there about how & what to feed your child, it’s very confusing & frustrating. It’s very important to me for Elena to be a healthy eater. I was a very fussy & picky eater…I want to try to curb that behavior in Elena. I won’t be so strict never to allow junk food…remember, I am lazy! What kind of mother would I be to deprive my daughter the pleasure that is ice cream sundaes or peanut butter cheese cake or chocolate fudge brownies…


  1. I love that you're lazy and still managing to make your own baby food. I'm picky, too, and I really want to make sure that Finn is less picky than me. I wonder if that's possible to do - it has to be!

    Sweet potatoes are SO good. I'm currently on a sweet potato fries kick, I've even made them myself a few times. Yummy!

  2. It only gets more fun. I've even pureed fish for Scarlett. And Scarlett likes peas better than carrots too. I actually pureed peas and carrots together so that the carrots would be disguised.

  3. I used to love peas, with emphasis on 'used to'. It was all thanks to an episode of Sesame Street in which Bob sang a song called 'I Hate Peas'. And I hate them to this day. lol But I also have an aversion to other strong tasting veggies so maybe I come by it more honestly that we think. Oh, and I don't like carrots either. ;-)

    My niece was pretty good with new foods when younger but she definitely became more picky over time. She used to love broccoli. No longer. :-(

  4. Good for you to make your own baby food! That is something I want to do when I have a baby, but I also worry about it being time consuming. Glad to hear it hasn't been that way for you!

  5. No, don't get either how one can like pees and not like carrots, lol!
    And yes, there are different methods, I for eg didn't do cereal (only later as a way of enriching her fruity breakfast:-). I know others talk about not making food especially for the baby but giving him/her from your plate (chewing it first to soften it..), etc. I think the main point is doing what you think is right and what you believe in.

    Sounds like a great technique to stop biting/pinching.


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