Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Me Time...Take Two

Okay…here I am week 2 of Me Time. Thank you so much for your support & very excellent advice on my last post. It really took me by surprise how hard it was. I mean, I’d been out without Elena many times before…but last week was the first time she went out without me…I was home & she was out & the house was so quiet. & I didn’t know what to do with myself. This week I made sure I had a plan…I actually have a whole list of things to do…I haven’t done any it…
Instead, let's just enjoy some silliness...
Elena's Muffin Top

Her Bubble Beard

And just being silly trying on hats


  1. Thanks so much for the smiles!!! LOL, even your me time is filled with Elena :)

  2. The photos are hysterical!! I am glad you are able to enjoy your time a little more this week!

  3. Her muffin top is awesome.


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