Monday, April 2, 2012

Poo Poo

Be forewarned, this is a post about Elena’s poo-poo…yes, I choose to use the term poo-poo…sure I could use shit or stool but poo-poo makes me giggle in a way that shit or stool just don’t…anyhoo, I can’t remember if I ever blogged about or eluded to the fact that Elena has some funky poos…& I don’t mean that they smell…they do smell…but that’s not what I’m talking about…yet*…

Not too long after Elena started on solid foods, we had a bit of a scare wherein I thought there was blood in Elena’s poo-poo. You see, she started having black poos…so worried was I that I took her & her “bloody poo” diaper to the on-call Dr…said Dr looked at the “bloody poo” & my rambunctious, then 7ish month old & said everything seemed fine & to follow up with my Family Doc…I began collecting Elena’s poopy diapers & brought her & them to our Family Doc the following day…upon closer inspection it became obvious that these definitely weren’t bloody poos…to give you a visual it looked as tho Elena must have eaten a black or indigo blue or purple crayon. I can assure you with 100% certainty that Elena had not nor ever has eaten any crayons, let alone black, blue or purple ones. The Dr shrugged & dismissed it as nothing to worry about.

I worried…I’m a worrier…& Elena continued to have purple-crayon-poos…I adjusted her food…removed items, reintroduced them…nothing changed her purple-crayon-poos…except when she had that stomach bug & didn’t eat anything for 2 days, no purple-crayon-poos then…hummmm…so at every Dr appointment I would bring it up & question it & each time the Dr would shrug & say that’s just how Elena rolls…or poos…or whatever…

Cut to last week, my Mom took Elena to the Dr for her needles (because she was sick at her 1yr check up)…now I’m a little shady in the details since my Mom is just not a details person & she related the story to me but the Dr mentions that Elena appeared anemic** due to how pale she is but after checking Elena’s eyes disregards this idea & recalls that I too am very pale…however my Mom brings up the purple-crayon-poos & the Dr says, “Well we should run a test on that.” HELLO?!?!?!? Ya think!!! I don’t know what was different about what I’d been saying & what my Mom said but whatever, at least we were finally getting the purple-crayon-poos some attention!!!

I came home from work Thursday & my Mom presented me with a purple-crayon-poo-sample-collection-kit (that’s not the official name for it, BTW in case you were going to Google it)…& that was the highlight of my weekend. Never to be one to do anything half-assed either, I was sure to collect samples from the most purplest poos too! I’ll be interested to know what the results are…

*Don’t worry, I’m not actually going to blog about how much Elena’s poo stinks…this time anyway ;)
**Elena still gets iron fortified baby cereal every morning so I can be sure she receives her daily requirement since she’s not consistent with her meat intake.


  1. Interesting. My first thought when you mentioned black poo was iron as that is what I know turns poo to black..
    Well, will be waiting to hear what/why her poo is such a colour. Hope it is nothing to be worried about!

  2. Hope it turns out okay and that it really is nothing to worry about.

    As I was reading and scolling down, I was starting get nervous that you were going to show us some of this purple poo :)

  3. I was kinda hoping you *would* show us a picture of the poo! LOL

    That's really weird...though if it were from bleeding, there would be a stink that you'd have to blog about, it's pretty awful. But still, that's just weird. Purple poo? No idea. Keep us posted, I'm really curious!

  4. Only real moms can read another mom's blog post about the poo of a baby they've never met and still be on edge-of-the-seat interested. Guess I'm a real mom. Keep us posted.

  5. Totally agree with Lara. I was completely interested in your blog! I hope this is nothing serious! It's amazing how quick some doctors are to dismiss our health concerns regarding us or our children.

  6. I hate it when doctors blow your concerns off.


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