Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Soggy Halloween

Quite a few weeks ago, a friend from work gave Elena a gorgeous lion costume to wear for Halloween...I brought it home & she was so excited to try it on...
Okay, she looks more like an Ewok but adorable none the less!

Fast foward to this week...would Elena wear the lion costume? Not a chance! No amount of coercion would convince her to put it on! Oh well...I had no intention of taking Elena door to door anyway & with the rain, there was no chance...this is the Halloween outfit she wore instead...
Note the detail at the bottom of her favorite part

My favorite photo of the day though?
Enjoying her 1st ever Halloween candy...a Snickers!
I hope everyone had a safe & happy Halloween!


  1. she's so sweet! love that grin! i guess she liked the snickers!

  2. She's cute either way! (And so tall!)

  3. She is so adorable! Love her happiness at the Snickers bar!

  4. I love the photo at the bottom. SR loves chocolate too.

  5. I love her Halloween outfit - so sweet! And looks like someone has a sweet tooth!

  6. Haha, well she looked super cute when she allowed you to put her costume on. And I love the new header photo too by the way!

  7. What a great photo--I can almost hear her laughter!

  8. Love the costume!! And the snickers photo! Girl after my own heart.. sweets!


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