Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Half Way There, Baby!!!

20 weeks today!!

Wow, I can't believe we're half way there! What a ride so far...things are going along cause for concern or worry...but that hasn't stopped me from being concerned or worried, lol!

I really can't wait until I can feel my Girl move on a regular consistant basis...I feel a nudge or a twinge every so often throughout the day but am never 100% sure it's Baby. Then, when I don't feel anything for a while, I get worried.

I went to my 1st Prenatal Class last night...hopefully it gets better because last night was pretty dry. The one thing that struck me was this list the nurse put up on the Top 10 Worries Expectant Mothers have...I was surprised that my worries didn't appear on the list (except for maybe 2 or 3) & there was a bunch of other things I'd never thought to worry about! Then I started to worry that I wasn't worrying enough...or that I was worrying about the wrong things...I know I have become a worrying mess since getting my BFP but this threw me to a whole new level. Then I stepped off that crazy train & remembered that I think I'm managing my worry pretty well...I've stopped Googling stuff since you most often find the worst case scenarios...I talk it out with those close to me so I can identify when I'm being irrational (which is most of the time) plus, their reassurance is comforting...I'm not afraid to discuss even my silliest worries with my Midwife so she can reassure me from a medical & professional point of view...but it's constantly there, like white noise, this worrying in the back of my mind...I'm not stressed out or anxious or anything...I just...worry.

Amusingly, they played a video last night & I thought, "Here we go, here comes the scary birthing video." Yet this video was all sunshine & rainbows & oh, look Baby just slid right out...I mean, Come ON!!! I've read enough Birth Stories & seen enough The Baby Story on TLC to know that the video they showed was not an accurate portrayal of what to expect!! I felt like telling the nurse, "Come on, Sister! Give it to me straight! No more of this fluff!!" Maybe they're just easing us into it...

Anyway, even though I have that Worry White Noise I am still enjoying being pregnant...okay, enjoy maybe isn't the exact right word...but it's still a worthwhile means to an end...& it is all still very facinating what our bodies do!!

Lastly...just a quick shout out to all you ladies in or just entering your 2ww (Rachel, Hopeful, Single Mom 2B, Jay, Baby Chase Project & S)...I'm hoping for BFP for all of you & sending positive baby thoughts your way!!


  1. Congrats on being halfway there!!! In all of this time I've never pegged you as a worrier... you do a great job managing your worries (in my opinion)... funny how they gave you new ideas to consider for additional worry!

    Thanks for the call out.... there are so many of us in the 2ww now... let's go for a record of ALL BFP's!!! Oh, Sara Fain (of Starfish Envy) also is in her 2ww -

  2. 20 weeks - wow!! Tiara, it doesn't feel that long ago you were announcing your BFP--time is flying. You're doing a great job keeping the worries in check- I can only image how easy it would be to board the train and not know how to get off. Sounds like you have such a wonderful midwife and supportive loved ones--that's awesome.

    Thank you also for the shout out~ here's hoping for BFPs all the way around!

  3. yay! half-way there :)

    i hope i get to prenatal classes eventually - i know i'll walk in "i don't need this crap," only because i'll probably have crammed and read every single book i can get my hands on. i'm not necessarily a worrier, but definitely an over-preparer.

    so excited for you!

  4. Thanks for your support... please send some baby dust to all of us.

    You are just cruising along this pregnancy.. you make it seem so easy. It's normal to worry.. we're women.

  5. Half way!! In no time your going to be a mama! and a great one, I'm sure!

    There was this bookg ("what to expect when expecting a baby") that (was given to me) and that I really didn't like because every month it would talk about what can go wrong. Why make one worry??
    Good that you can talk with the midwife and get reassured.

    As for the birth video, obviously I haven't seen the video, but I do believe that a natural birth should be much easier than what is usually shown as a birth. Don't know the TLC Baby Story's, but if a woman is lying passively on the bed, it will hurt more than when a woman is actively helping the baby out. Obviously not the birth I had, so I might be wrong.. but I am sure birth could be a pleasnat thing!

  6. Wow, 20 weeks! You *are* doing a remarkable job of managing your worries - I'm aspiring to be you. *g*

    Sending lots of sticky baby dust to all in their 2ww. An onslaught of BFPs would be a wonderful thing!

  7. Here from Mel's. You do deserve an apology the nerve of some people!

    Congrats on 20 weeks-

    BTW I watched A baby story like an addict while I was pregnant. I hated when the woman wouldn't even break a sweat or make any noise. 3 pushes and the baby would come out! Gimme a break. I ended up having a c-section but wasn't that quiet when I was having contractions before my epidural!

  8. Congrats on halfway with a daughter!! Wonderful news on both Posts!!

  9. You are so lucky! And yes, time sure is flying.

    I am also in the 2WW. This is the third cycle we've tried (1 BFP, early loss, as you may recall). I told myself if we weren't pregnant by cycle 6, it would be time to see an RE and possibly go with donor sperm instead of my known donor (who is 40). I dunno, I guess we will just have to see what the next few months bring us!

    Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy. :)


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