Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

To be nominated is nice...
So much more to be twice!

Thank you to Shannon & S for this award although coming up with 7 interesting things about myself will be tough...but it doesn't say they have to be interesting, lol!

So here are The Rules:
•thank and link back to the person nice enough to give you the award
•share seven things about yourself
•pass the award along to seven other bloggers who you think are fabulous
•contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award
Now here goes with my 7 things...
1)   I am completely & irrationally terrified of anything that flies (birds & bugs, I mean)! Though anything that flies terrifies me, bees, hornets & wasps cause me the most anxiety.
2)   I've been known to be a bit of a dare devil...I have been skydiving twice, handgliding twice, I took a flying lesson even though I'm afraid of things that fly I'm not afraid to fly!!
3)   I learned to ride a motorcycle before I learned to drive a car & received motorcycle for my sixteenth birthday...I never followed through with getting my motorcycle license though.
4)   I hate, hate, hate to do the dishes I wish I had a dishwasher! However I love to do the laundry!
5)   I'm only at #5?!? Let's see...I enjoy travelling but have not been to nearly as many places I dream about favourites of the places I've been are Prague, Lucerne, Nice & Barbados.
6)   I love to read...sometimes I have 2 or more novels on the go at one time...I couldn't choose any one author or genre as a favourite as that all depends on my mood at any given time.
7)   One of my all time favourite TV shows is Little House on the Prairie...watching this show with my mom & brother are some of my favourite childhood memories & I use to imagine Charles Ingalls was my Pa.
There we have as for my nominations...most of who I follow have been nominated already so I'll just have to double up...
Have fun y'all!


  1. I just did a huge sink of dishes this morning and hated it. Not having a dishwasher sucks. I loved Little House too! Good to know more about YOU!!

  2. #2 - I'm so impressed! No amount of money would get me to skydive, hang glide, hang out of plane... no way!

    #7 - Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show and I love the fact I can still find it on tv today!

  3. I was part of Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) fan club in the early 80's. I hate doing dishes too. I only do dishes on Sunday.

  4. Hey...thanks for the nomination I totally missed this one!

    How cool that you have hand glided, jumped out of a plane and driven bikes! Complete chicken here so am totally in awe:)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment! I would love to feature your success story on my blog! Go to this link for the info:
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Little House on the Prairie! How I (we) loved that show! Sunday 17:30! [I don't think there are many TV programmes I remember when where broadcast..]


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