Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's For Sure...

She's a Girl!!!

I've had a busy baby week...Tuesday I went in for my Glucose Tolerance wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be...the fasting was difficult since if I don't eat as soon as I wake up, I get very nauseous & throw up, so that wasn't fun...but at least the solution I had to drink wasn't what I thought...I imagined it would be thick & milky...which would have made me gag & I'd probably throw up again...but it was more like orange pop & it was cold so I was able to drink it no problem...then I had to wait 2 hours, having my blood taken every Aunt brought me to the lab & waited with me as I wasn't sure how I'd feel & boy, was I glad she was there as having her to chat with made the time fly!! Fingers crossed everything comes back normal...

Then yesterday, I had my long-awaited ultrasound...I really, really needed to see my girl again & be reassured she was growing & developing well...& if she was still a girl, lol! If you'll recall from my 19 week scan, they made an educated guess that she was a girl, but couldn't say for 100% sure...well there's no doubt, she's a girl...the tech was able get a good shot of her privates & zoomed right in on the labia for me. She also took the time show me all her other parts too...spine, ribs, skull, brains, fingers, toes & a really great shot of her heart & was great! She's also still big for her stage...she's been measuring big all along & she's estimated to be about 3 lbs 2 oz...My mom thinks the tech said 3 lbs 6 oz, but I'd rather think she's not THAT big, lol! I hope she turns out tall & skinny instead of tall & chubby like me...

& without further ado, here she's not the best scan as she's all curled up in a ball with her hands & feet up by her face...she was a Move-y McMoverson through the whole measuring phase of the scan but as soon as Mama wants her to smile for the camera, she clams right up...
Lastly, I couldn't close without mentioning that that this week marks 28 weeks! Such a milestone & with every week that passes, I can breath a little easier.


  1. That's great!! Wow only 12 wks left till BABY TIME :)

  2. Great photo! 28 weeks!!! Not much longer now...

  3. Yay! Congratulations on the confirmation! :)

    Wow, 28 weeks! It makes me feel better to know you've made it so far - I can only imagine how great you feel!

  4. She is gorgeous, and YAY about the 28 week milestone!

    Its my very unscientific observation that girls are harder to get when you do IUIs. If you go by what the shettles method says, X-containing sperm swim slower but live longer, so in a perfectly timed IUI the faster-swimming Y-containing sperm have a very slight advantage. Accordingly, more women here seem to have boys, you are the only person from the current blog list having a girl!

  5. 28 weeks!!! Yay, you're on the home run! Congratulations on your darling wee girl, I can't wait to see photos on the outside :)

  6. Tiara - CONGRATS on your daughter!!! I'm sooo psyched for you. Just a couple more months and you'll see your beautiful girl with no problems, no matter how much she moves :) Yay! yay! yay!!

  7. Congrats (again!) on your girl! Not much longer till she's here!

  8. 28 weeks!
    Very exciting to have that long scan of every organ of the body! Glad it all went well :-)
    I too was relieved to know that indeed I have a girl (I too was told at NT that most probably a girl..), but maybe because the dr just said girl, till the birth I had some small fear that maybe they were wrong. lol
    Anyway.. hope the glucose test went well.


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