Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just to keep things interesting...

Yesterday evening, I had my registration appointment at the went well & I'm all signed up.

When I came out of the appointment, there was a message on my phone from my Midwife's office...I thought it'd just be a routine update about my ultrasound from Thursday...but she didn't leave any details like usual instead asking that I call her that evening or 1st thing this morning.

Well, I called back right away...turns out that although my Girl passed the Bio Physical Profile with flying colours scoring 8/8 my over all fluid level in all 4 quadrants was need to be overly concerned since overall everything looks great & I wasn't leaking any fluid but as a precaution she asked that I meet her at the hospital today for a Non-Stress Test.

You can imagine me, being such a worry wart, & how much this news put me on edge...but I'm very proud of myself for keeping perspective & remaining calm...& for once Dr.Google actually put my mind at ease...for the most part.

My Girl passed the Non-Stress Test beautifully scoring 10/10 & showing excellent reactions...& what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than listening to my Daughter's heartbeat for over 1/2 an hour! My blood pressure was up...but that's understandable considering I was worried.

I'll have to go for more ultrasounds (I think I can handle that) & probably more NST...& they'll probably have me deliver before 40 the mean time, I can continue regular activity...I did ask if they were sure I should continue to work...but no dice there ;) I'll have to stick it out the next 2 weeks...


  1. Glad she's such a trooper... and will be here soon!

  2. Stressful! I'm sure everything will work out just fine. Extra ultrasounds sound like a great idea to me - any chance to see the little babe, right?

  3. I know exactly what those phone calls feel like. So scary. I'm very glad everything is ok and you can relax again. (FWIW, I had weekly NSTs after 34 weeks and was induced on my due date)

  4. Sigh of relief.. bet you can't wait to meet her :)

  5. I've been thinking about you two this week. Glad to hear that everything is okay, though. I think I probably would have been pretty freaked myself. Good for you for keeping your head on straight ... mostly. ;-)

    I'm excited for you to meet your daughter!

  6. Happy to hear she passed the test!


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