Sunday, February 13, 2011

When it Rains it Pours...

I was showered yesterday...I am still so overwhelmed by the generousity shown towards my Daughter & I...My Brother & Sister-in-Law hosted a Baby Shower for me yesterday & I am touched by how many people came & how thoughtful they were with their gifts. My Girl will definitely be well dressed! I also received all the necessities for when Baby comes home...we're all set, at least I'm pretty sure we are. Now we wait...I can't wait to find out when my Daughter's birthday will be...I think I've come up with a name too...

Back in December, I mentioned here that I'd been referred to a psychiatrist to address my worries, fears & anxiety...I finally had my appointment on Friday & what an experience...I wish I had admitted sooner that I needed help because the Dr gave me a new perspective in which to look at my worries, fears & anxiety. He also reassured me that there's no reason to believe that all my fear, worry & anxiety has been detrimental to my Baby...he also debunked the information I'd heard in my prenatal classes that all this fear, worry & anxiety would increase my risk of postpartum depresssion...he said that I actually didn't fall into the high risk category by a long shot but even if I do experience PPD, by already having support in place will minimize the severity. He did specifically say, in his professional opinion, he did not believe I would develop post partum depression. I'm booked for a follow up appointment with him at the beginning of either close out my file with him if all is well, or so that I'm reassured I have an appointment booked if I am feeling anxious, fear or I can call in at anytime if I need help or support.

It took a lot for me to admit how deeply I was struggling with worry, fear & anxiety...I was afraid to admit vulnerability, I was afraid I'd be judged harshly...but I realize now, if I had admitted my need for help sooner, I could have received help sooner. I'm going to try to remember this in the future.

I also wanted to say a Happy Birthday to Jett & Congratulations to Gille on the birth of her precious son.

Lastly, I thought I would share a belly shot...yes, I'm HUGE & keep getting BIGGER, lol!!!


  1. Tiara, don't forget you have our support too.. I love your belly. I can't wait for you to meet your daughter!

  2. Yay - a shower! It must feel so real now :)

    That's wonderful you have such a supportive psychiatrist you feel so comfortable with. You're being very proactive scheduling an appointment in April, post partum, so any concerns can be addressed immediately. A happy mommy = a happy baby :)

    Love the belly shot - you look adorable!!

  3. Good news about the doctor! I love your belly shot!! I can't wait until I have my shower, too!

  4. Look at your cute bump! I'm so glad you had a fun shower and got to share your joy with friends and family who love you!

    I"m so glad you had a good doctor's appointment; just what you needed as you gear up for delivery!

  5. So glad to hear you had a great baby shower - and you found a nice doctor!

  6. What a great belly pic!
    Glad you had that appointment with the dr.

  7. Tiara, congratulations! Love your timeline. You don't have much longer. How exciting!!!

  8. So glad to hear you felt reassured after your appointment with the doctor. And how fun is it to be showered by friends and family!

  9. Woah! Love the Baby Bump!! Not long now Tiara, so exciting! I'm pleased you have had the reassurance you need about PPD, and have the follow-up there if needed. You'll be fine. I know it. xx


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