Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time Passes Like Ketchup Out of a Bottle

I am in a much better place mentally than I was last friend totally changed my perspective of how I was approaching this whole being pregnant thing. She explained I was wasting time worrying so much about what could go wrong & missing what was going right...she said if I wasn't careful, I'd miss the whole joy of being pregnant. The lightbulb went off! There isn't anything more I can do to keep my little tadpole happy except be happy myself!!

Once that realization dawned on me, I have been very much enjoying everything! The sickness, the tender boobs, the tiredness...all reminders of how blessed I am!! Oh, that & the HPT I do every couple of days, just to double check...yup, still preggers. :)

I am having some minor doubts that Tadpole is really mine though...s/he doesn't seem to like chocolate or sweets!!! I'm not really experiencing any cravings, just really hungry...but if I even THINK about eating chocolate or sweets, I feel like I'll gag!! Now, I have always had a sweet tooth & chocolate, pastries, cakes, etc have been my vice & at time my reason for living, lol! So feeling such strong aversion to all things sugary & sweet is very strange!! But a good thing, I guess since now I'm not tempted to over-indulge...I even thought maybe it was all in my head so yesterday I bought an Aero bar & ate it...bad idea!!! To say the least!!!

I have another hair. I coloured it just before my IUI but the roots are coming in now which I could handle, except so is the I did some internet research & some sites say it's okay to colour your hair as long as it's in a ventilated area, some sites are four score against it, some say the non-permanent ones are okay, some say none are I asked the pharmacist yesterday & he made a good point, there's no sure evidence either way so better safe than sorry, don't do it. That's a bummer! I'm gonna look pretty haggard come December!! If anyone has any suggestions or advice on this, I'm all ears!!


  1. How about that root touch-up stuff, so you can just touch up the spots that need it rather than all of your hair? I think you'd be perfectly fine just doing that much.

  2. I'm thinking Heather is right....have a friend help you - you could even sit outside and do it. I would ask your doc..?

  3. I agree with your friend and glad you took her advice! And just wait till you enter the second trimester when the sickness stops and you start to feel your tadpole and all :-).

  4. I had the same exact problem! I waited until after my 1st trimester. Then I colored my hair maybe twice before the baby was born. I'm pretty sure I only used the root touch up stuff--that's a good suggestion!

  5. I would suggest for now that you use a natural dye like henna. It won't match your original color, but will wash over both the original and the roots to make the roots less noticeable.

  6. Glad you're enjoying your pregnancy. I had a similar experience with chocolate during my first trimester. I am a total chocoholic, but suddenly I was ambivalent about it. Weird.


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