Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Aunt Flo?

Because she's M.I.A...I've been waiting & waiting for her to arrive & fear she may be lost!  

I think that's one thing anyone who is going to start TTC should know (because I wasn't prepared for it), whether they are a single gal like me or in a couple, they need to know that the 2ww is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to waiting during this process.

"Destiny is a Fickle Bitch" ~ Benjamin Linus

This is one of my favourite Lost quotes...well Time is pretty fickle herself!!! It amazes me that my 1st IUI was ONLY 2 months ago today, yet my miscarriage seems like a lifetime ago & it has ALREADY been 3 weeks since then...in some ways it seems like time is standing still, then in other ways I cannot believe it is already almost June!!!

I will admit that as much as I want to get moving on try #2, I am also a little afraid...afraid there won't be a BFP this time, afraid there will be, afraid I'll miscarry again, etc...I was also afraid to call the Donor Clinic for fear my Donor wouldn't be available any longer...well I finally got my nerve up to call today...Relief! My donor is still available!! The nurse said there are quite a few vials available...since I don't know when I'll need it though, I wasn't sure if I could order now, which led to a funny conversation:
Me: Since there are many vials available, can I just wait?
Nurse: Well, yes but you never know...These things go in spits & spurts.
Me: No pun intended, right?
We had a good laugh about that! She was great though, she placed an order for me for June 7th so that a vial would be kept on hold for me, just in case, but if I need it sooner (which I doubt) then I can call again.

I am so relieved to have this taken care of...I was afraid I would have to go back to the Donor-Picking-Drawing-Board...I also feel that using the same donor again will boost my odds.

That's it for me for now...if anyone does see my Aunt Flo, can you direct her my way?


  1. Waiting is the worst part in this whole thing. I didn't imagine it would have been. I'll be making the donor buying call soon as well. Looks like you're all ready except for aunt flo. Hope she makes her visit soon enough.

  2. Aunt Flo! I think you missed the turning. And please please hurry up! Tiara is so waiting for your visit.

    I agree with Gille that the waiting is the worst part. Hope AF comes soon.

  3. Glad you can keep a sense of humor about it. Get back up on that horse and try again, girlfriend!!!
    And good luck!

    P.S. Stop by my blog today...news is posted. Oh my, the suspense... ;-)

  4. Yes, they never tell you all the facets of waiting there is while ttc. I think I found your Aunt, she showed up at my house a week early. Spits and spurts...hahaha

  5. I had to get up my nerve to call about vials and discuss my purchase/storage options. I mean, these people who answer the phone are total strangers and I'm discussing my children's destiny with them. Everyone I spoke with was so kind and matter-of-fact. Thank goodness! Best wishes to you!

  6. Good old Benjamin Linus - he showed his true colors this past week. Are you looking forward to Sunday's big finale?
    Keep us posted on your cycle timing!


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