Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Non-TTC Post

Just a quick one for information purposes only...not sure it even matters but hey, what the hell...I am still getting use to the World of Blogging, the Blogisphere if you will...when I 1st set mine up, I wasn't so sure about it all...trying to come up with a Blog Name? so hard!

Anyway, I had my posts "signed" as Me Plus One & always assumed it was because that is the title of my blog...when I started posting comments on other blogs it would show "Me Plus One" & I thought that was odd but figured it just linked somehow to my blog...well, I have just discovered that it's part of my settings & I can change it!!

Long story short (too late!!)...I have changed my blog/comment "signature" to Tiara...sort of a nickname I acquired but we'll save that long boring story for another day!

So if you were wondering who this Tiara chick is...it's me :)


  1. I'm still getting to know the blogosphere too. Great to know you, Tiara!

  2. Hello Tiara! I'm super new to this still. I don't think I even know where to go change my name.

  3. You're funny! Thanks for posting about it - I knew that, but there is a heck of lot I'm not doing right or can't figure out still - so hints and tricks are good. Like how did you get three columns on your blog?

  4. Gille - to change my name, from the Dashboard I clicked Edit Profile, then under Identity I changed my Display name...

    Hera - to get 3 columns I changed my template...I received an email from blogger to try out new layouts, etc but I deleted the email & now forget the web address to use...if I figure it out, I'll let you know :)

  5. Okay Hera, I got it...when you're in your Dashboard, scroll down to the very bottom where it says, "Tools & Resources" & click Blogger in Draft then beside your Blog info (back at the top) it'll say Design, click that, then you'll see Template Designer in the menu, pick that & you're on your way!


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