Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Quick One...

CD13 - All my hopes & dreams are pinned to 1 follicle!

Okay, way to over dramatic, lol! But it looks as though it's just the one that's growing, it's up to 1.7 now...1 is all I need!

My home page at work is the iGoogle personalized homepage & one of the gadgets I have is called "Useless Knowledge"...well guess what popped up today:

Just in case I needed to know...too funny!


  1. LOL! Still rooting for the follicle!

  2. That is awesome! Growin', growin', growin'!!

  3. That piece of useless knowledge is the best ever! LOL

    Grow little follie, grow!

  4. After conceiving my two boys, I have new-found respect and admiration for the human sperm! LOL


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