Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Update...

...had another U/S this follies on the right have gotten smaller so as the Tech said, the party is happening in my left ovary...however, they're not growing as dramatically as last time...1 is 1.6 now & the 0.8 grew to 0.9 but no change in the other lining is thickening nicely at 7.6...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little discouraged...but keeping my promise to myself to stay positive, I reminded myself that I only need 1 good follie so I'm thinking positive grow thoughts for my little 1.6-er & if little 0.9-er wants to get big, I'm good with that too!

I go again tomorrow to see how we're doing...looks as though Wednesday will be the day...

Nightie-Night! (Yes it's only 8:07pm but I gotta get up at 4:30!!)


  1. Hang in there! Just like you said it only takes one! One special egg to make one special baby!! Don't fret about the sizes just yet all you can do is relax, eat right, and get lots of rest and fluids for the big journey you are about to embark on (or are really already on...)!

  2. Stay positive! You've got a lining that's growing nicely and and good follie in there! That's all good news. Be good to yourself the next few days - like madrecita said, get lots of rest, eat well and relax (ok, that last one is probably the hardest, but you can get the first two done, no problem!)

    Hope you had a good sleep!

  3. Grow, follie, Grow, Grow, Grow! Best of luck to you.

  4. One follie! All you need! Keep the positive attitude! And grow follie, grow!

  5. First - Ick! 4:30! My goodness!

    Second - I'm believing you've got some growers. Your lining is great and so are your follies! Happy growing!


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