Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay...what a day...so I will start from the beginning...I took Hera & Billy's advice & bought a HPT on my way home from work on Monday.

As soon as I got home, I tested...Big Fat...well, actually just a faint 2nd line...the instructions say that counts but I don't know...I decide to be hopeful & just test again in the morning...

I wake up at 3am this morning!! I did the 2nd test and...still just a faint 2nd line!!! After all of that, I know nothing!!

I get the BT 1st thing & then the waiting begins...waiting, waiting, waiting...finally the clinic calls. I had asked the nurse to just leave a message & I listen to it and...the results are...I'M PREGNANT...sort of!

Yes, that's what I said, "SORT OF"!!! Turns out you CAN be a little bit pregnant!

Seriously though, my hCG was only 23.39...I have since learned that it should be between 50-500...however, the nurse assures me that it's probably just early. I am going back on Thursday for another test...we are hoping for at least a double in the number...

I consulted my good friend Google & learned that viable pregnancies have resulted from readings as low as 17...worst case scenario, it may be ectopic but it doesn't seem so...my nurse assured me it was probably just early...

The other scenario is that it could be a Chemical Pregnancy...now, I had never heard of this term until reading blogs & even then didn't understand what that meant...I again consulted Google & found that Chemical Pregnancy is a clinical term for an early stages miscarriage. It is actually quite common but many women don't realize since it occurs so early. It actually has only become more known since the development of early result HPT...

My nurse assured me it was probably just early... :) Anyway, I am remaining positive & looking on the bright side...at least I got pregnant & I'm focusing all my positive energy toward my little tadpole & thinking double hCG numbers...


  1. OOooooooooOoooooOOOO! WEEEEEEE! Well, your bff, Google can be your best friend and worst nightmare, so let's go with the good stuff right now.
    They say prego and so do I!!!! YEAH! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. You're only 12ish DPO, right? That's not a bad number for 12 DPO. It's the doubling time that is most important this early. This site is a good one for beta obsessing http://www.betabase.info

    I'll keep everything crossed for rock star numbers on Thursday!

  3. Thank you so much Hera & Meg...you're encouraging words mean a lot. My family is very supportive but it means a lot to get feedback from women who have/are going through the same rollercoaster!

  4. Oh WOW!!! I am so crossing fingers for you for a nice juicy double number tomorrow!

  5. Wow, and was that on your first attempt? That's great...good luck!


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