Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There are holes in my walls...

...because I am so excited, I'm bouncing off them!!!

I am ovulating!!! All on my own! I don't need to inject myself with anything...but let me start from the is CD14 so I went this morning for another U/S & follicles are doing really well, listening to mommy & growing. They're 2.1 & 2.0...the 3rd one has been "pushed out" by my other 2 actually reduced in size. Probably a good thing..with my luck, I would've ended up with triplets, LOL...My uterine lining has thickened nicely as well, up to 8.1 now.

This morning, since we weren't sure if I would ovulate or not...the nurse showed me how I would have to inject myself if I had to induce was $95 but the way I see it, if I didn't buy it, I would have needed it...& who knows, maybe I'll need it if this try doesn't take...before the nurse called me at work to let me know I was ovulating, I was pretty sure I was ovulating & started to worry that we might miss when she called, I was so glad for 2 reasons: 1st - that I was booked to try & 2nd - as validation that I knew my body enough to know that I was ovulating.

Now I have a request for all of you...tomorrow, please send me your positive thoughts, prayers, whatever you believe in. My appointment is at anticipation I had already booked Thursday & Friday off so am all prepared to relax & let baby begin.

I find it kinda funny that for all of my adult life up until now, I have been so careful not to get pregnant & now all my hopes & thoughts are focused on getting pregnant!

P.S. Of course, my spermies arrived at the clinic yesterday & are just waiting to do their job!!


  1. Yeah! I'm so excited for you Tara, sounds like everything is going great! Stay postive, you're almost at the finish line....and I believe you will achieve your dream! Wishing you all the best Tara

  2. Great numbers! And how lovely you ovulated without needing "help".
    Crossing my fingers for you!

  3. Thanks ladies! I need all the positive thoughts I can get!!


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